Saturday 23 February 2013

Book Review: Million Dollar Mistake

Book Title: Million Dollar Mistake (Million Dollar Men #1)
Author: Meg Lacey
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Format: ebook
Cost: $3.44
Pages: 229
How I got it: Pump Up Blog Tours
My Rating:★★★★☆
Erotica Rating: N/A
Taking care of business may cost him his heart. Million Dollar Men, Book 1 In addition to overseeing the financial affairs of the wealthy Kristoff family, Nicholas Demetrious specializes in hauling its rambunctious members out of trouble. Especially his distant cousin, Raven Rutledge. The tabloids love her bad-girl antics, sexy pout, and body made for sin. Nicholas would love to spank the bejesus out of her, but this time the situation is too serious to entertain such a fantasy. A lucrative business deal with the Exeters is in jeopardy, and Jackson Exeter Sr.’s ultimatum is clear: Remove this man-eater from my country house, or the deal is off. Raven is in way over her head. She accepted the invitation to the Exeters’ Adirondack house party as a refreshing change from her jet-setting lifestyle—until she learns the guest list includes his entire family. His ex-girlfriend. And the junior Exeter’s intention to propose. If ever she needed suave, sophisticated Nicholas’s persuasive powers, it’s now. Then he’s there with a plan to get her out of this tangle: sweep her off her feet. But their pretend passion turns all too real. And what started out as a weekend of fun threatens to shatter into betrayal and heartbreak. **Product Warnings** Contains a tabloid sweetheart who loves to be bad, a sexy hero with little patience for mind games, and a game of strip pool that will make you rethink your weekend plans

My Review:
I was hooked from the beginning. I loved the two main characters, Raven & Nicholas.  Raven is your typical woman having fun with her life, she has no husband & no children so nothing to tether her to earth, she seeks attention by making the biggest splashes she can and her distant cousin Nicholas always comes to haul her out of it.  This time she is in way over her head and doesn't even know it yet. Asked by her father to entertain Jackson, she goes on what she thought was a fun sku trip which turned out to be a family weekend which ends up being snowed in due to a huge storm.  Luckily for her Nicholas is here to haul her out of there to save a massive business deal he had been working on.

raven is at first a ditz, she doesn't seem to have a good grasp on anything, but as the novel progressed you learnt why she was the way she was, she is the younger child who wasn't ever good enough for her mother & she was also the pudgy one; who everyone was forced to bring along on events & parties.  As  she grew up & lost weight, she transformed into the gorgeous swan instead from the ugly duckling and it went ot her head like strong wine.  Hence all the tabloid fodder.  I loved that she was looking for a way out when Nicholas came in and that moment between them at the door, had me cracking up.

The secondary characters were also well written in the story, even if they were a bit cliched. Personally I thought Loraine was a bit naive & gullible  I certainly wouldn't have waited around that long without letting him know I existed and if a man treated me the way Jackson treated her?? Yeah I would gotten over him a long time ago. Jackson was as Loraine put it acting like a child, he stubbornly refused to accept that Raven wasn't interested in marrying him or even was looking at him that way.  He really had his head up his read parts if you asked me, I get it he didn't want to do what his father wanted but instead of saying that to his father he rather act like a child.

The Grandmother was awesome, because she saw everything and knew what was going on and set about playing matchmaker, her interference helped move the story along quite nicely. I particularly loved when Jackson finally friggin came to his senses, it was of course like a typical idiot in a moment when he almost lost Loraine. Nicholas was also a little slow, he came to his conclusion around the same time as raven, but he still wanted to do his duty, he had the perfect moment to tell Raven the truth in the barn but chickened out and it lead to the best/worst moments of his life.

I enjoyed that Nicholas has a little gypsy in him and that made for a fun addition to the story. I loved Raven's boldness and her slightly crazy style of doing things, she's certainly going to be keeping Nicholas on his toes for a long time.
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