Saturday 2 February 2013

Happy Imbolc

There are three candles that illumine every darkness: truth, nature, & knowledge ~~ ancient irish triad.

How do these three candles illuminate your own darkness??

Goddess of the Day: Prosperpina(Persephone): Divination, Protection & Purification
Symbols: Candles, Corn, Pomegranate

In many traditions, people light candles in the Yule Log today, giving strength to the sun & chasing away some of the figurative dark clouds that winter left behind.  If you can't do candles, turn on all the lights in the house for a few minutes for a similar effect.  Another good tradiditon of Candlemas is weather divination, since today is also Groundhog Day, many different cultures do this differently. In Scotland they look for a snake to come out of it's burrow; if it stays out then  winter we will be over soon, if it went back in immeditately then the winter would last longer.  In America, we look for a Groundhog's shadow. If snow falls today foretells twelve more snowfalls before April 22 (St George's Eve)

Information taken from 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco, & The Celtic Spirit by Caitlin Matthews

Happy Imbolc & Candlemas my loves

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