Friday 25 June 2010

The New Tornado Alley?

Hi readers

in the last few weeks we have been experiencing some pretty severe weather for New England and recently my state got hit with a tornado, yes you read right in CT we got hit with an actual tornado. Now for those of you who actually live in tornado alley you are probably thinking " that's not a real tornado" but when you can handle earthquakes, and Hurricanes its difficult to get used to something that's not in your repoire. New England doesn't normally get tornadoes, And we are certainly not used to the damage that has been done.

These are just some of the images from the skies in the last few weeks and I'll put up links about yesterdays tornado and the damage wrought.

Thankfully no one was hurt

this is the sky before the storm

the sky as the clouds roll in
 this is all the info from channel 12 news it was even on CNN

thanks for stopping by ya'll and as always Fly safe!!

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Green Cleaning: How to make Carpet Freshener

I have enjoyed learning about going green in my cleaning and i thought why not share what i know with you dear readers.
One of the things that has taken a little longer to get green has been the carpet in my home but it has gotten easier lately since i learned this recipe.

You can change the scent if you want to but i love the lavender scent ( to me lavender smells "clean")

1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup lavender bud or bud powder
lavender essential oils

So i hope you like it

Love and Light

Healing Teas

Many people drink tea just for the taste but there are so many other reasons to drink tea!! Tea can help build the immune system, some teas even work with your medicines to enhance them, as in the case of St. John's Wort, (which can aide in lifting depression).  Other teas can be used as substitutes for coffee for those junkies who want the benefits of caffeine but none of the harsh side effects. 
Share with me as many of your tea favorites and i will put up information as well as its benefits, which teas you can add them to so that you make healing teas for yourself.

Ill link in many of the videos that i have seen that can help you learn about different teas and what they can be used for.

One of the best companies out there that has alot of tea varieties is Mountain Rose Herbs. They carry just about everything. I love the different flavors that they carry and even the ones you would consider not teas.
They are located at

I am learning a lot about herbal science and reading a lot of the books contained on
they have an amazing herbal science program and they also have classes you can take online, there are many other programs found online just make sure you research them properly first.

Another good program to aide in learning herbs they also have a youtube account where they show so many great recipes for using the herbs you grow. 

I will also post new blogs about the healing teas as well as videos i have found on YT. 

Love and Light Always