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Book Spotlight: Dancing in the Flame

Dancing in the FlameTitle of Book: DANCING IN THE FLAME
Genre: Spicy Paranormal Romance
Author: Ann Gimpel
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books 
SUMMARY: Life in a were bordello is all Keira has ever known. Because of her mixed blood, none of the magicians’ guilds want her, or protested when the Weres bound her as an indentured hooker. Mired in the hopelessness of her dreams, Keira longs for more. Barrett, one of the Daoine Sidhe, runs a magician supply shop in what’s left of Seattle. No one is more surprised than he when the Sidhe leader commands him to extricate Keira from the weres. Magic and intrigue throw Keira and Barrett into one another’s arms. Convinced they have a job to do, they struggle against the heat of the passion between them. Until it gets way too hot to handle.

  FIRST CHAPTER Eleven Years Later Keira opened a door in the were bordello where she lived and worked and peeked out into the long hallway spanning the first floor of the building. Empty. Good. It was the middle of the afternoon, always a slow time. Her last customer had just left. Maybe, if she snuck out the rear door, she could claim a few hours of freedom. She ducked back into the room she shared with one of the other indentured hookers, donned a cloak and boots, and walked down the hall, making as little noise as possible. The air was crisper than she’d expected as she eased the door shut behind her. Keira wrapped her arms around herself, wishing she’d brought a warmer coat. Most of her working clothes were wispy and suggestive. At least she’d been smart enough to put on tattered jeans, a moth-eaten sweater, and her favorite black cloak. For once it wasn’t raining. A pallid sun hung midway to the western horizon, bathing what were once busy urban streets with sallow light. Keira emptied her mind, trying not to feel she was playing hooky. It wasn’t as if the weres kept her prisoner… She glanced at her left arm. Under the sweater and cape, she could have sworn the indenture bracelet spanning her upper arm tightened. Who am I trying to kid? They can find me anytime they want. She walked briskly through Seattle’s Queen Anne district. Keira had the streets to herself today, but then she usually did. Good thing, too. Those like her, mixed-blood magic wielders with minimal power, were at pretty much everyone else’s mercy. Bottom of the New World totem pole. Her gaze swept over urban rot. Keira grimaced. Buildings still stood, some of them, anyway. But most of the glass had been rocked out. Piles of trash blocked the roadways. Cars were a thing of the past. Out-of-control garbage had obliterated the sidewalks long ago. Paths wound through it, carved by varieties of magic wielders and prowling beasts. She made a point of ignoring what was underfoot. Most of it was too gross to even consider. It was a damned shame so many humans had been wiped out during the war. They’d taken care of things like that. She pretended to consider what to do with her freedom, knowing her deliberations were a sham. She’d do the same thing she always did: head for Barrett’s magician’s shop. Housed in a cavernous Victorian on lower Capitol Hill, it was only about an hour’s walk from the were bordello. With its dark wood furniture, Oriental carpets, and overflowing shelves, the shop exuded a homey atmosphere which was irresistible. Face it. The thing which makes it so enticing is Barrett. Keira smiled to herself as she pictured the tall, broad-shouldered Daoine Sidhe with his thick, coppery hair and pale blue eyes. Beyond his obvious beauty, though, he seemed kind. Not that she’d ever exchanged more than a few words with him, but he had laugh lines in the corners of his eyes and she’d watched him interact with other customers. He was always helpful, doing that little bit extra to assist someone find something. There was still bad blood among magic wielders, but not in Barrett’s shop. Everyone was granted equal status there. Never mind Daoine Sidhe magic was far more powerful than were, fae, or witch. Druid magic barely counted; it was nearly as feeble as hers. The first time she’d stumbled into Barrett’s shop, it was by accident. She’d gotten into a big blow up with Simon, one of the staff at Were Calls, for refusing to service a customer in his animal form. Simon slapped her, which was a big no-no; punishment was supposed to be delivered through her bracelet per the terms of her indenture. Keira had never seen Simon quite so angry. She didn’t wait around to see what he would do next. Despite being in her hooker garb, including high heels, she’d raced out the door and ran until her arches ached. It hadn’t helped when the skies opened and it began to pour. Not knowing what else to do—because she was not going back to Were Calls until things cooled down or they zapped her through the bracelet—she’d opened her magic senses. They’d led her straight to Barrett’s shop. It was only a couple of blocks from where she’d stopped. Keira had pushed the heavy, carved wooden door open, ready to bolt if anyone so much as looked cross-eyed at her. No one did. The shop smelled heavenly. Herbs. Lots of them. They hung in bundles from a raised walkway, ten feet off the ground, which accessed a partial second story. Feeling a bit braver, she let her gaze roam the large room, crowded with shelves. No one paid her the slightest attention, which was amazing since all the other patrons were garbed in cloaks and coats. She glanced at her low-cut top, barely-there micro mini, and high heeled boots and winced. Her top didn’t leave much to the imagination since it was half-soaked through. Because she was cold, her nipples had pebbled into suggestive peaks. -- Excerpted from Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel

About the Author:

Ann Gimpel is a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent.  Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing.  A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies. Several paranormal romance novellas are available in e-format. Three novels, Psyche’s Prophecy, Psyche’s Search, and Psyche's Promise are small press publications available in e-format and paperback. Look for two more urban fantasy novels coming this summer and fall: Fortune’s Scion and Earth’s Requiem.

A husband, grown children, grandchildren and three wolf hybrids round out her family.

Her latest books are Magic’s Daughter & Dancing in the Flame.

Visit her website at

Connect with Ann:

Book Review: Magic's Daughter

Book Title: Magic's Daughter
Author: Ann Gimpel |Website| Twitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Format: ebook
Cost: $2.99
Pages: 80
How I got it: Blog Tour
My Rating:★★★★☆
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Purchase: Amazon| Barnes & Noble| Publisher
Erotica Rating: 

Destined to be surrounded by magic yet have none of her own, Cassie walks a thin line between love and danger. Her mother is dying and her boyfriend has turned into something which terrifies her. By the time she wakes up to the danger she’s in, it’s nearly too late. Cassie’s friend, Jeremy, warns her about her scumbag boyfriend, but she doesn't listen until deeply disturbing events unfold and her life hangs in the balance. With few choices left, she and Jeremy join forces to battle the darkness threatening them. Meanwhile, Cassie warms to Jeremy in ways she never could have anticipated. Love was there all along if she’d just opened her eyes and looked

My Review:
Let's just start with, ain't no way someone was pushing me out of my house or making me feel uncomfortable & I didn't fight back.  Cassie's life just went to hell in a hand basket, even more than she realizes, her mother is a shadow of her former self and Cassie is desperate to find a way to reach her, so she quits her job and creates the e Quija, yeah it's complicated.

For such a small book I was pulled in from the start, Cassie seemed to be struggling to keep her head above water, considering she's swimming with sharks and she's a dolphin, she's doing a decent job.  My only problem with her is her complete reluctance to get help, why why when your drowning aren't you screaming for the lifeguard in the form of her close friend Jeremy??   I can totally understand the feeling like a fool part, and not wanting to admit you were wrong, but man oh man did it really hit the fan.

For a fun fast read, it was well written, engaging, & funny. The characters were well written and drew you into the story from the very beginning. I couldn't put it down.  From the crazy talking bird to the wild cat and even the villain was pretty well written *in a way that clearly made him the villain*.

I really enjoyed the novel and the glimpse into a world inhabited by Druids who would do the CIA proud with their abilities to keep secrets. Fae hell bent on well what Faes are always hell bent on.

I heartily enjoyed it and hope you do to.
Check out more of Ms Gimpel's books on Goodreads and on her website linked above.
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Saturday 18 May 2013

Book Review: Conquer the Dark

Book Title: Conquer The Dark
Author: LA Banks |Website|
Publisher: Pocket Books
Format: Paperback
Series/ StandAlone:  Series
Genre: Christian Urban Fiction| Urban Fantasy
Purchase: Amazon| The Book Depository
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 339
How I got it: Library
My Rating:★★★★★
Erotica Rating: ★★★
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The rapidly approaching battle between Dark and Light threatens to destroy mankind in this action-packed new series from New York Times bestselling author L.A. Banks.Celeste Jackson never had much hope for the future—and certainly never imagined that she would be living in an abandoned warehouse in Philadelphia with her magnificent protector Azrael, the angel of death, and a fierce battalion of warrior angels. But although her powers have bestowed the angels with the freedom to return to the Light or stay within the mortal realm, they need her more than ever. Celeste is one of the few remaining half-human, half-angel Remnant, with a unique ability to locate others of her kind. The search leads Azrael and his celestial brothers to Egypt to recover a powerful relic that can raise an army of bloodthirsty fallen if it falls into the wrong hands. It is a relic the dark angel Asmodeus will do anything to possess—and his quest puts Celeste in mortal danger. Soon Azrael faces an impossible decision: Can he surrender the woman who has become his salvation . . . or will he save her and allow all of humanity to perish?
My Review:
This is book two in the series, and it picks up a few months after book one took place.  I loved visiting this world again, meeting up with the characters and learning more about them.  Within the first chapter I got a new song, the one by Santana that one of the angels played. It's become a new favourite of mine. LOL, so while you read the rest of the review, click play and get into the feel of the book:
That first scene just blew my mind, I can't believe the author is no longer with us and won't be sharing more fun and fantastical tales.  I love Celeste & Az together, they just have so much chemistry, the struggle Az and the other angels feel as they get ready for the battle ahead, the way Celeste inspired them and gave them hope, just made me love her especially, after she comforted them.

Isda is the MAN!!! And he's so clearly Jamaican, I loved his character in this book, although his story was so sad, the heartbreak he must have felt knowing ... well I'll let you read and discover for yourself.  Aziza is my girl!! I loved her from the very beginning, she reminds me so much of several women I know that I couldn't  help but love her, the lessons she had to learn were clear though & man it's a lesson I needed as well.

The journey, the battle, the true stories shared within the fiction, the history lessons, I just was so floored, I kept going to google to see if what she was sharing (especially about the Founding Father, who broke the rules in Philly, yeah that was real too) was real and being surprised and happy when I found out they were. (then being freaked out that they were real..oh noo)

The few sex scenes between the couples were very sensual and well written, they just drew you in and were so sexy, hmmm.  Which is why I gave it the three stars,  not so much for the raunchy wildness but for the steamy love, especially on the train, WOW!!

Cons of the story, being the author passed away and wasn't able to finish the series, many of the characters' stories were just beginning to be told and having the series be incomplete meant that we only got the bare minimum on them, the battle isn't complete, it's just really beginning and it was left on a bit of a cliff hanger and I want to know what happened DAMMIT!!

Even though the rest of the series won't be done, each book does stand on it's own, the essential plot pieces for each book are taken care of in the book, but there are more pieces to the main puzzle that won't be revealed until the next one, which unfortunately won't be coming along.

It's a fabulous read, especially because the books are with strong black characters and have music within it. There are strong Abrahamic traditional information/messages within the book, so if you don't like Christian/Jewish/Arabic/Egyptian lore then this might not be for you, but if you don't mind that?? DIVE IN!!!


Friday 17 May 2013

Book Tour Review: Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective

Book Title: Cassie Scot ParaNormal Detective
Author: Chrisitne Amsden |Website| Twitter
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Format: Paperback
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Cost: $4.99 (ebook)
Pages: 250
How I got it: Blog Tour
My Rating:★★★
Erotica Rating: N/A
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Cassie Scot is the ungifted daughter of powerful sorcerers, born between worlds but belonging to neither. At 21, all she wants is to find a place for herself, but earning a living as a private investigator in the shadow of her family’s reputation isn’t easy. When she is pulled into a paranormal investigation, and tempted by a powerful and handsome sorcerer, she will have to decide where she truly belongs.

My Review:
Ok so when I first got this book I was a little scared it's a first time read from this author so I wasn't sure what was going to happen.  The story is pretty good, it pulled me in, Cassie's description of her desk alone was awesome.  I was drawn into the story and so wanted to know more about her world.

I was a little put off on the insistence in calling them sorcerers and sorceresses, but hey it's not my writing, Cassie was a pretty awesome character to read, strong, stubborn, hell bent on proving herself, you know a typical American woman. I liked that many of the side characters were actually well written as well; I can't wait to learn more about her brothers gift (being a healer seems awesome). I'm not sure how I feel about her going back and forth about Evan; either you do or you don't have feelings the outside stuff is just that stuff, deal with that later. In the end it doesn't matter because that spell seems pretty damn effective to me.

I'm sure there is going to be more explained in the next book, and this one really tied up the case well, but still left enough mystery about Cassie herself, like why is she from such a powerful family yet completely talent-less  Evan doesn't seem to mind, then again he's got a mind like a chess board and seems to playing way ahead of the rest of us.  As for her human boyfriend erm Braden Sir, why would you be happy to settle for being someone's backup plan instead of their first choice?? Cassie shouldn't even be thinking about that, considering how much danger she is in, although everydamnbody seems ready to let her go walking around without explaining the full danger she is in. Yeah that never goes wrong O_o

The world that was built was done in a way that wasn't ridiculous and let you fill in the blanks a little on your own, I read another reviewer on Goodreads who called it Dresden files in a small town, and I had to giggle because the comparison is actually spot on. It's engaging and pulls you in, without really bogging down the story. I'm sure more will be revealed in the next book & I can't wait to see how she handles all the little fires that are beginning to burn around her. Evan being the biggest one, her parents disowning her being the next, yeah, she's got a few issues to go handle.  Nothing a good normal detective can't handle.
Participating in the Pumpu Up Your Book Tour Party!! Happy Reading

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Sunday 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to the American (or those celebrating across the world) Mothers (since the Brits celebrated in March).
It takes a lot to be a mother
To have compassion 
patience, common sense & know how to laugh
To being really good at hiding how much you yourself are unsure
Being a mother is a job, with no vacations, very little appreciation *at first*
So here's a little bit:
To the women who care
The women who share
who raise a child
who calm their fears
Whether your natural born or adopted child
If you mother someone 
Today like everyday we celebrate you
Happy Mother's Day to you!!

My Favorite Song I play for my mother:

If you like Rap then here is:
And Kanye West:

And for the many women who wish to be mother's but can't but still mother someone else's children, the women who make the decision to go out and adopt the world's little ones: 
Well there you have it my loves, be happy, celebrate your mother's the women who helped you, the women who mentored you, not necessarily the woman who birthed you, but the women who choose to give you guidance, love, affection and when you needed it a good kick in the rear to get you on the right path.

And for those doing  this daily, we thank you
Happy Mother's Day my loves

Saturday 11 May 2013

ARC Book Review: Thrill Ride

Book Title: Thrill Ride
Author:  |Website| Twitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: ebook, paperback
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 352
How I got it: NetGalley, 
Purchase: Amazon| Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository| Publisher
My Rating:★★★★1/2
Erotica Rating: 
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He's Gone Rogue Ex-Navy SEAL Rock Babineaux’s job is to get information, and he’s one of the best in the business. Until something goes horribly wrong and he’s being hunted by his own government. Even his best friends at the covert special-ops organization Black Knights Inc. aren’t sure they can trust him. He thinks he can outrun them all, but his former partner—a curvy bombshell who knows just how to drive him wild—refuses to cut him loose. She Won't Back Down Vanessa Cordova hasn’t been the team’s communication specialist very long, but she knows how to read people—no way is Rock guilty of murder. And she’ll go to hell and back to help him prove it. Sure, the sexy Cajun has his secrets, but there’s no one in the world she’d rather have by her side in a tight spot. Which is good, because they’re about to get very tight…

My Review:
I'm so in love with the Black Knights. Where can I meet them?? This is the second book by Julia Walker I have read and I love her writing.  Rev It Up was my introduction to her and I loved the Jake the Snake so much I went and got all the other books in the series that I didn't have right away.  I really loved the glimpses of Rock and Vanessa we got in the book.  I love that each book gave you a preview of the next Black Knight to fall in love.  I'm so intriqued I can't wait to read the next one.

In reading Rev It Up, I had some serious expectations for Rock & Vanessa's story and Julie delivered on them all.  Rock is just that man who is so awesome but doesn't take himself too seriously, he's confident but not arrogant, and he fell hard for Vanessa although he didn't think he should act on it.  Vanessa fell for the hot cajun the minute she walked into the Black Knights building, she wanted to be a tough operator and she did her best to toughen up so she could fit in.  She totally kicked ass when she needed to, and even though her goal was 'tough operator" she was still in touch with her feelings; & still knew when she was totally out of her depths and allowed Rock to lead where Rock led.

That moment in Eve's house?!?!?!?! OMGawds, even though I knew what was happening I was still devestated right along with her. I was totally invested in the story and couldn't put it down, Poor Vanessa, she probably lost like ten years off her life.

It took one day to read this because I dived right in and didn't come up for air until I finished it.   The characters are so well written and it's so engaging, the wit, the funny stories, I can't wait to read Steady's story by the way, "details are superflouos" indeed, I loved those glimpse into each character's personality.  I loved the inner monologue of both Rock & Vanessa, they are so awesome, I so couldn't stop reading that garage scene then when Ghost caught them?!!! The laugh was pretty loud when I read that scene. Heck I'm smiling now writing about it.

Eve looks like shs's going to be a great character as well. I can't wait to read the story between her and her guy, it should be totally interesting. Now excuse me while I catch up with the rest of the Black Knights I'm heading to Becky's first then I hear Ali's story is kick ass as well. See you guys. Have fun!!

***FTC Rules require I state that I received this as a review copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review**** 

Monday 6 May 2013

May is Lupus Awareness Month

I know I haven't really talked about my lupus in a long time, I like to come on the blog world and leave the troubles behind as much as possible, you know embrace the good in my life.  But it's not cured it's not gone it's still there lurking like a stalker in the background of everything in my life.  It's there I live with it because unlike most I have it really good. I am well aware of that, I am also really happy about that. Make sure to check out the information I have included for you below.
This month I figured lupus could earn it's keep and share some resources for those who are seeking to learn more about the disease, find resources to help them or a loved one deal and even learn how they can help to make a difference.
Some facts about Lupus:

  • 90% Of Lupus sufferers are women generally between the ages of 15 & 44; 10 to 20% of those cases are generally severe as they carry with them severe health complications.
  • 10 % of the cases belong to men, the disease for them develops more severely in major organs
  • African Americans, Hispanics/Latinas, Asians, Pacific Islanders & Native Americans are more frequently diagnosed than Caucasians; it does however affect anyone in any race at any time.
  • Since Lupus is an Auto-immune disease, there are no known causes for the disease, but stress, infections, and Ultraviolet light is thought to be triggers in the development of the disease.
All of those facts were taken from the website, which is a really great resource for those new to the disease and it's development.  They have a link to local support groups as well as how to talk to your doctor about the disease.

Here is the book I have returned to time and again since getting this disease:
My review here.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Despite Lupus. Sara shares a lot of good information, promotes her book which I keep meaning to get and links you up to a few good resources there as well.

You can find more blogs here and of course you could always just google and find some. Most of these on this list I have read at some point & know they are legit and great. 

So there you have it, some good information on Lupus,  & a few good resources & books. These are ones I can vouch for I'm sure there are many more out there. Swing by and let me know if you have any you think I should check out.

Happy New Week my loves

Saturday 4 May 2013

Book Review: An Angel For Christmas

Book Title: An Angel for Christmas
Author: Heather Graham |Website| Twitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Format: paperback
Cost: $7.19
Purchase: Amazon| Barnes & Noble| The Book Depository|
Pages: 224
How I got it: Library Book Sale
My Rating:★★☆☆☆
Erotica Rating: N/A
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Christmas has never brought out the best in the MacDougal family. Still, year after year they gather together in the Blue Ridge Mountains to try to make the season merry and bright. But this year is an especially strained one, with Shayne's impending divorce, Morwenna's slavish devotion to work and Bobby's reluctance to face what life has to offer. They've never felt less like a family.Then, in the midst of a sibling shouting match, a mysterious stranger appears. He could be a criminal, a madman—or something far more unexpected. Despite their fears and the growing danger in the dark woods around them, the MacDougals take a leap of faith. But when another stranger arrives on the mountainside, they don't know which of them to believe. One of these men can't be trusted. And one is about to bring Christmas into their hearts.

My Review:

I'm beginning to think Christmas books should only be read during Christmas, because then we are a little kinder, more willing to believe.

This was a different kind of Heather Graham book, mostly because I may have read horror books, this was really in your face Christmas themed. It's still good, it was kinda more of a Christian fiction book.  It's not really what I expected from her, but it's really still good.

I liked Stacy but at times she was also stubbornly stupid in my opinion.  Why did she have to do it right then??  It wasn't until the end of the book that I caught on to "who" the criminal and the cop really were.

Now I know this makes me a little heartless but it's how I feel. If you're told not to do something, you do it and almost die, in the process?? Yeah you so deserve it. Even if you're a kid, especially because we don't want you passing on the "stupid gene". All the time in horror movies it always the idiot kid who was told to stay put who causes everybody to die. Grrrrr

It was an okay book, I really think I might have had a different thought if I read it during the holidays, we tend to let the corny slide during the holidays.

Happy Reading!!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Clean Sweep Challenge: May 2013

Hey my loves, I am doing yet another challenge. Check it out below, this comes straight from Kimba's website, make sure to swing on by and sign up if you too wish to clean up that enormous pile.

Together with Kimberly @ The Windy Pages we will be helping you clean up those ARCs. The challenge begins on May 1 and ends on the 31st. 

The goal: to read and review as many ARC's as we can. We will have fun challenges each Saturday hosted by some wonderful bloggers and a prize for two luck participants at the end of the challenge. So gather your ARCs and your brooms and lets have some fun! 

  • Must be read during May 1st and May 31st, 2013
  • Starts and ends at midnight in your local time zone
  • Physical and digital ARCs are eligible, in any length and genre!
  • Linky will close on May 15th so sign up before you miss out!
  • When you join, please add the challenge button to your blog. When you post your goals be sure add button and links back to hosts.
  • Challenges will be hosted each Saturday with a chance to win additional prize
  • Grand Prize- TWO winners will be chosen to pick a book of their choice from The Book Depository. (Up to $15 value per book)
  • Please post your recap by June 3rd. This is the day that the Rafflecopter will close. Recap post should include a link to the review or Goodreads review with date it will be posted on your blog. (This is for readers who may be reading books way ahead of schedule and don't want to post a review yet!)
  • Rafflecopter entries will be awarded for each book review linked, posting about challenge, recap post, participation in challenges, and following.
Challenge Schedule and Rafflecopter will post on April 30th at 4pm (EST) Rafflecopter will  close on June 3 at 11:59 (EST)

So Now you know the rules, here are the books I'm working on before I go to Book Expo America at the end of the month.
  1. Thrill Ride Julie Walker
  2. The Sweet Dead Life by Joy Preble
  3. The Moonstone ^ Miss Jones by Jillian Stone
  4. *five different books by * Heather Graham
  5.  Lush by Lauren Dane
I Also want to clean up some serious backlog on my book reviews. At the end of the month I'm going to have some seriously awesome news for my readers. So make sure to swing on by each week as I clean up I will be doing giveaways as well!!!

Happy Reading