Monday 31 January 2011

My Version of Black History Month

I’m Jamaican, I believe I have stated that several times here on the blog. For me being Jamaican goes beyond the food, the music and the pride of our unique culture, there is a bone deep love that nothing and no one has ever been able to come close to, a pride in knowing who we are. 

 You see Jamaica was the stop on the Middle Passage where the slave ships dumped the slaves they couldn’t handle. The trouble makers, the ones they noted others listening or paying attention to, Jamaica was the stop before the ships reached their final destination of the American shores.   There is a deep pride in knowing your people made life difficult for those attempting to take advantage, that you come from the stock of fighters.
When I was growing up I learned all about the Hereos of Jamaica, indeed of the Caribbean, and it’s a totally different history from the one found here in the Americas, maybe because we were an island cut off from the help the masters needed to really contriol the slaves, maybe it’s because we outnumbered them, or maybe it was because we learned the land we had to work more intimately than the masters, but those ‘troublemakers’ took full advantage and gave their slave masters hell.

So this month instead of talking about the pacifists, and the ones who "turned their cheek”, instead of the ‘peaceful protestors’ I wish to share a different look at Black History. I wish to share the story of the Heroes of the Caribbean, and of the Americas, the heroes you never really learn about in history class. I wish to talk about the fighters.

I have nothing against Dr. King, but I do dislike how history is being white washed and sanitized as well as being re-written with much of the other Freedom Fighters being slowly taken out of the books, and not being taught to our children. I want to hold up more than Dr. King as the ideal of who Black men and women should look to, because there are more leaders, more examples of who we are and who we have fought to become. 

There is a deep pride in knowing your history and your ancestors, and slowly that right to learn who they are is being taken from us, take for example the Arizona law which will no longer allow the teaching of “ Ethnic Studies” as it will “advocate ethnic solidarity". O_o  Right because the students who are mostly Native American, Hispanic and Black shouldn’t learn the history of  that isn't discussed in most 'history' books? Maybe if the curricular actually covered and really discussed the contributions of other races to the building of what we call "America" there would be no need for special 'ethnic studies' courses;  but since there is no fair representation, there is a need for these classes. And unfortunately there is a need for a month like Black History Month, because it's the only time the contributions of Blacks to the "American Dream" is ever discussed.

So I will be doing a post each week covering the contributions of those who aren't discussed this month, and hope that you learn something new.
Or be reminded about something you did know
Be Blessed

Sunday 30 January 2011

What will it take for you to stop for a moment??

“Live Like You Are Dying” Tim McGraw

I have been a country music fan for years, I love Tim, his wife Faith and whole slew of musicians that it's getting hard to hear on the radio anymore, due to high commercialism of the new 'country' singers. Nothing against them, I just personally don't like them, I could make a list, but that would defeat the point of this post.

You see, I started this blog because I wanted a way to document and share my triumph over my disease. I wanted there to be a voice for lupus patients who where living successful lives, who had adventures, and who where Witches.(now that's a combo you don't hear about, but they do exist).  To facilitate that change in my life I joined meet-up groups, I became active online, I really started doing things outside of my comfort zone because I didn't want to leave this life with regrets. 

I created my bucket-list, and started doing things on it, but I have noticed recently that I put off the big ones, then I heard this song, take a look at the lyrics:

He said I was in my early forties, with a lot of life before me
And one moment came that stopped me on a dime

I spent most of the next days, looking at the x-rays
Talking bout' the options and talking bout' sweet times.
I asked him when it sank in, that this might really be the real end
How's it hit 'cha when you get that kind of news?
Man what did ya do?
He said
I went skydiving
I went rocky mountain climbing
I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu
And I loved deeper
And I spoke sweeter
And I gave forgiveness I'd been denyin'
And he said some day I hope you get the chance
To live like you were dyin'
Verse 2
He said I was finally the husband, that most the time I wasn't
And I became a friend, a friend would like to have
And all of a sudden goin' fishin, wasn't such an imposition
And I went three times that year I lost my dad
Well I finally read the good book, and I took a good long hard look
At what I'd do if I could do it all again
And then
I went skydiving
I went rocky mountain climbing
I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Shu
And I loved deeper
And I spoke sweeter
And I gave forgiveness I'd been denyin'
And he said some day I hope you get the chance
To live like you were dyin'
Like tomorrow was the end
And ya got eternity to think about what to do with it
What should you do with it
What can I do with it
What would I do with it
I went rocky mountain climbing
I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu
And man I loved deeper
And I spoke sweeter
And I watched an eagle as it was flyin'
And he said some day I hope you get the chance
To live like you were dyin'
To live like you were dyin' (4x)"

I swear it's like Mr, McGraw wrote this as my theme song. Recently I made an accomplishment I'm not quite ready to share yet, but I was so super excited and I woke up with this song playing like a refrain in my head. I went and looked it up on my laptop music library and just blasted it for a few hours (yes, I think I annoyed the neighbors, but ohh well).

In the medical field you meet a few children who are terminal and know it and they are so serene, because they have accepted their deaths, you meet a few who are raging against their illness and fight with their last breath to live a life worth remembering. Sometimes you meet an adult who has reached the sereneness these young children have, but most of the ones I have met are resigned to their deaths, but are vocal about their regrets, the things they never tried, the things they wish they had said, done, or not done. The books left unread, it's both heartening to see and heart-breaking, because those with the opportunistic work themselves literally to death, while the little ones wish for the opportunity to have the chance to have regrets.  Sometimes in this field you get real clear about what it is you want in life and where you want to go, for many this is scary and they burnout quickly due to heartbreak of facing so much 'senseless' deaths, or even facing the reality of their own mortality, many face it head on and become better for it. I wish to be apart of the second field, the ones who become better for each experience, and learn to live more.

I had realized this week while this song played that even though I had reached the place in my life where I understood my disease, I had slipped back into the role of 'victim' of the disease and wasn't fighting to have the life I wanted, it was almost like I didn't believe I deserved to have a great successful, happy fulfilled life because I had this disease. I realized I didn't want to be that man in the song who only made his life worth living when he was darn close to the end, I wanted to live each day as if embracing it, not fearing it.  I have been existing not living, I have been holding back due to fear of the pain of loss, for a fear that others won't accept me and therefore I wasn't lovable, for fear of failure, but this success that has set me up for even greater successes in the future has made me see that I am truly the only one standing in my way. 

The song also made me see, that to wait until the chips are almost gone, to appreciate the life we have seems to be a thing that many do. But I'm a Witch, I should know better than that, I celebrate the turning of the wheel, I am more connected to the Earth to the Goddess, and yet here I am existing instead of embracing the great gift the Goddess has given me. I would love to say "I'm going to change and this is the last time", but as I have noted before as a Sagittarius it's easy to make the plans, but not follow through, but now the Scorpio side is taking over, and it has made the plans to systematically take on each of the habits that have been holding me back, and SMASH them, because it's ready to grow and move on, and it wants it's time in the sun, the Sagittarius side can come out when it's time to have fun, but now it's time to knuckle under and get through to the good part.

Bear with me and my improvements, as I will be blogging and vlogging about them too.
has any song or poem made you stop and take stock of your life? If so leave a comment about it, and how it helped you change.
Be blessed

Thursday 27 January 2011

A moment of silence

for the death of human rights and gay rights activist. David Kato.

Uganda has come under many different watch for it's human rights violation in relation to the proposed bill which would make being gay a penalty punishable by death.
This is why we have to fight, this is why we can't allow those who would see us fail to win. 
It's not just a gay rights "thing", it's a HUMAN Rights THING.
Lighting a candle for thos who have been punished for simply living their truths.

Snow again….

Le Sigh my loves, yes Imbolc is aroung the corner, but the winter Goddess is not giving up easily she wants ys to remermber that she still incharge right now, so we keep getting hit.

I know so many of us are starting to feel like this guy:

I get it, for the younger kids it's great, school days off, although they may not have put it together with, longer days during June so that they make up the amount of time missed. Parents however are getting tired of being stuck at home, not only does it mean your not getting paid, but there is no adult interaction, your with your kids (and we love them, but we need adult stimulation).

Look at it this way, the snow, is very beneficial. Yes I know, not when you have to shovel it, but it is, especially since we had that arctic cold snap. For areas not receiving snow or rain, there is the risk of drought during the summer, which would include rations, and no water for your gardens.  For those receiving all the snow, this means all the rivers, ponds, and tributaries which were below their normal levels last summer, should be well stocked.  I have no idea how my little lake is doing as there is so much snow I can't get to it, and way too many trees for a snowmobile. Not to mention, the snow isn't exactly stable.

Everytime the snow starts to bog oyu down, tell yourself this:

  • the extreme cold, killed off all the mosquito larvae that was waiting for spring, 
  • it also killed off a lot of the ticks
  • it forces you to relax and take time to enjoy the moment, yes we all want spring to come, but we must enjoy this moment now, before the spring
  • enjoy the sense of community shoveling the snow fosters, here some of our neighbors were ill prepared for the amount of snow we have had (I mean really who can prepare for this?) but shovels, and snowblowers have been lent, and people have helped with clearing each others driveways.
  • the clean air your breathing as it snows, the icicles capture the smog or pollution in the air and weighs it down, so the air and the atmosphere get cleaned somewhat each time it snows
  • It's a free workout- no need for  a gym, simply remember proper body mechanics and it's a free whole body workout
  • it's SNOW get out there and roll around in it, be like a child again, just make sure your bundled up properly.
Feel better soon, soon it's going to be spring and then we can all complain about the rain
Be Blessed

Let me introduce a friend

CharmingPixieFlora is an awesome witch, and mentor for many, including myself, she is so genuine and real, ans shares so much of herself with us. From everything about the craft, to her family's journey and her own personal journey becoming a teacher, a Witch and her wonderful articles and ideas on Zsusana Budapest's website.

Flora is an inspiration and a model of what a witch should strive to be, always working on your craft, not just on high holidays, but everyday, from a simple sunrise to a walk in the park. I love how her 'high' holidays are always both magical and mundane mixing  both worlds well. Leading by example that even though you are a witch 24/365 you don't have to be in "witchy" mode all the time.

Here is one of her videos for Imbolc, go to her page and check out the others.

Enjoy her videos my loves and I will see you tomorrow

Wednesday 26 January 2011

KWW: Imbolc Cake & Ale

this is a fire celebration which centers around the lambs being born, and the ewes coming into milk. So many of the recipes for Imbolc include milk, for the 'ale' part of the ceremony (if people in your coven  or if you are are vegan, you can use almond milk to create the smoothies)
Coconut Banana Smoothie: serves 2
(from this year's Sabbat Almanac) 
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1 med ripe banana
  • 4 tbsp coconut milk
  • 6 ice cubes
  • shredded coconut and grenadine (for garnish)
to serve cold: place everything in the blender except the garnish and serve in tall glasses
to serve hot: eliminate the ice, and blend everything then add to the stove and warm slowly once warmed, serve in mugs and garnish as before

Increase the amount needed to make enough for everyone in your circle.

One of the traditional desserts served on Imbolc is Syllabub, this menu item is a treat to have, it’s sweet, without being too strong, when my Grandfather would make it he was a little heavy handed with the sherry & brandy, but you can stick to the recipe and it will come out great.

image courtesy of Wikipedia

There are several recipes on Foodnetwork's webste, but her eis the one I have been using for a few years, it comes from the Celtic Folklore Cooking book (which I modified to taste somewhat like my Grandfather's own).

  • juice and zest of 3 lemons
  • 3/4 cup sherry
  • 2 tbsp Brandy (christian brothers taste best)
  • 5 tbsp sugar
  • 3 cups of heavy cream (the fresher the better)
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • twists of fresh lemon peel
  • stir the first four ingredients together (don't use metal container)
  • Cover and store in a cool dark place for an hour 
  • strain
  • add cream, beat together with whisk until the cream becomes thick, and forms ribbons
  • pour into individual glasses and refridgerate for 2 hours
  • Before serving sprinkle with nutmeg and decorate with lemon peels.

How to Dismiss winter greens

With Imbolc fast approaching if you haven't gotten rid of your winter greens now is a good time to burn them in the Imbolc fire, here's a little chant to say as you do so. I believe this is from llewellyn magazine, but I'm not sure here is the entire quote:

All trees or boughs that have been cut and kept for luck within this house must not be cast away and scorned but gravely burned to dust at last; chop them fine give them flame and say:
forgiving our fire faithful tree warm us now who have warmed thee.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Book Review

Book Title: Key of Light, Knowledge, & Love
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Jove
Pages: 352
Cost; $ 0.50
How I Got it: Library Haul 
DescriptionThe life of gallery manager Malory Price is stalled when she is invited to a reception at a mansion near her small Pennsylvania town. Upon her arrival, she discovers that she is one of only three guests-all of whom are feisty young women with life challenges just like her own. Their mysterious hosts explain that centuries earlier, they allowed the souls of the three demigoddesses under their care to be stolen by a sorcerer. Legend says the demigoddesses cannot be freed until three mortal women find the keys to the glass box in which they are housed. Should they agree, Malory, Dana Steele and Zoe McCourt will each receive $25,000 to search for the keys, plus a million dollars if they succeed. They nervously accept, and Malory is the first to tackle her task, with the help of Dana's charming but commitment-phobic brother Flynn. 

My take on the book:
 This book was actually pretty good. I usually love Nora Roberts books, and this one didn't disappoint.  Malory ends up taking the offer, and gets help from her friend's brother Flynn. Dana's brother doesn't trust what is going on and insisted on butting in on the investigation going on, his dog insists on knocking over Malory.  The love story between Flynn and Malory is actually pretty good,a nd the lead up to their romance is very sweet. I personally enjoyed the banter between them. I love the legend and how it built and how Rowena and Pitte have managed to become great friends to her and the other woman. Even how much Rowena comes to care for the women and how she and Pitte have fought hard to help the women without intervening or breaking the rules placed on them.

Although I really enjoyed the first book, I have to tell the truth, as much as the premise was great for the first book, it kind of stretched thin in an attempt to stretch it into three books. I personally thought the other two stories could have been placed throughout the first book and stretched the book a little bigger, but almost all the mystery went out of story line when a lot of the questions where answered in the first book.  

I like the characters, but by the third book, I found myself struggling to finish. I even broke my own book rule, and just skipped to the end. I'm sure Key of Knowledge,and Key of Love, were meant to be great books, but I couldn't really get into them the way i did with the first book. The other two were from the library and I was so glad that I hadn't spent the money on them because I just couldn't imagine having purchased them and not enjoying them.

Normally i love anything Nora Roberts, but these books really took it out of me. I enjoyed the witchyness of it all, and the Celtic theme, the Goddesses and the Fae sprinkled throughout, but I really enjoyed the first book and the other two not so much.  After a while it just seemed like 'here is the plot' insert characters here, change names, throw in 'crazy adventure' and the couples save the day and fall in love. There seemed to be nothing original or new in each story, yes some of the characters grew and changed but mostly, same plot different names. 

I don't like not giving a good review, but I want to also be honest.
I hope you get to try the Key of Light, and perhaps try the other books as well.
Be Blessed

Monday 24 January 2011

Oh the North Wind’s mighty gale

bar the door and set the sail…

Today, Monday January 24th is supposed to be the coldest day in the Northeast on record since the 1930s.. Last night my little weatherbug, on the computer warned that the nights temperature would drop to the single digits, actually to 1 degree,(yes you read that right ONE) and when I went to bed last night it was actually already at 10 degrees. the weather is calling for high winds, with the wind chill factor dropping the temp to below zero(0) in some place even as low as -50. 

Now I know many people like to dress "cute" no matter the weather, and if you happen to be one of those, here is how to cure the resulting cold feet or hands; frostbite (on places that one should never get frostbite on) and hypothermia, 
You can also read this as a way to be prepared should you be stuck somewhere for more than a few minutes in this cold weather.

1) Dress in layers, so that when indoors, if needs be, you can remove a jacket, a sweater, long sleeve shirt, and undershirts.  In the cold, the layer will add insulation and allow the sweat your body creates to evaporate instead of drying on the skin.  One would think this wouldn't be necessary to share with grown folks, but as I have seen many people who should know a whole lot better end up in the emergency room seeking treatment, for the beginnings of hypothermia, due to being improperly dressed for the weather. 

2) Wear a hat, yes I know it will give you hat hair, but  consider that anywhere from 7-55% of your body temp is lost through the head. It would be smarter and healthier especially on days like to today to have that 'cute head of hair' covered, or you will be in the hospital with bed head, which sounds worse??

3) Gloves, I know this sounds crazy but frost bitten fingers aren't cute, cover your hands please yes, even you men. Mittens actually insulate more, as your fingers help to keep each other warm.

4) Wear insulating breathable socks and proper shoes, this one goes to all my favorite college co-ed who wear uggs in the summer and slippers (with socks) during the winter O_o

5) Wear a scarf, or a ski mask (just don't run into any banks), a scarf wrapped around your face especially your nose will help to protect your skin from the wind, as well as give your nose a chance to warm the air that your breathing so it's not as cold when you inhale.

6) Your jacket should be wind, and waterproof, while being lightweight & breathable since your wearing the other layers.

if your going to be out for any number of hours, bring extra socks, and gloves to change into. 

Signs and Symptoms of Frostbite, and Hypothermia ( and how to help 'cure' them)
Frostbite happens when your exposed to cold air for a either a short period of time in extreme cold weather, or long periods of time in "nippy" weather. This happens because your body attempts to protect the most vital of organs by cutting off circulation to the extremities, namely: ears, nose, fingers, and toes. In severe case the tissues of the affected parts will freeze, leasing to loss of parts of the body.  

Like burns there are several degrees to frostbite: (each numbered bullet is a degree of severity)
  1. numbness and a loss of color
  2. deep reddening and stiffness in the affected parts
  3. Look out for :
  • pale or purplish waxy skin, sometimes discolored
  • swelling
  • tissue death occurs, and blisters form as dead cells discharge their fluids
  • can become blackened.
  • thawing of the frozen skin can create a painful burning sensation
If it reaches cell and tissue death, medical treatment is necessary.
For the beginnings of frostbite, like the numbness, here are a few natural first aid steps to hasten healing:
  • try to get to a warm shelter as soon as possible, and remove any wet clothing
  • to warm the body, drink hot tea: lemon juice diluted in warm water with honey can supply needed energy and a dose of vitamin C to help resist infections. Add the juice of 1 lemon to 1 cup water.
  •  or clear broth and take a lukewarm bath 
  • if a warm bath isn't available, wrap yourself in a warm blanket
  • Do NOT dunk any of the frostbitten body parts in to scalding hot water, this will NOT  help.
  • DO NOT rub the skin, the friction will advance any damage to tissue instead of helping.
  • DO NOT ingest alcohol, although it may make you feel warm, it actually encourages heat loss and increases the risks of frostbite.
Herbal Healers:
  • Ginko helps to dilate blood vessels and enhances circulation. Take 3-4 capsules daily, or 1 tsp of tincture 3-4 times daily.
  • arnica and calendula make a effective salve for damaged skin
  • Aloe, will help relax constricted vessels. It also boosts the effectiveness of medical frostbite treatments. cut open an aloe leaf and squeeze out the gel. Apply liberally. can use the commercially purchased ones as well. 
Hypothermia is caused by a drop in the bodies core temp. As it drops the body attempts to warm it self by shivering to generate heat. As the temp drops the following happen:
  • Shivering and confusion are key signs that you are going into hypothermia.
  • irregular slow pulse, sluggish reflexes
  • rigidity and edema
  • weak heartbeat, delirium
  • loss of consciousness
  • death
Hypothermia generally has frostbite along for the ride, exposed skin and wet parts will get mild to severe frostbite.
  • Severe hypothermia starting with rigidity need medical attention.  DO NOT ignore the signs. 
  • On a day like today the elderly and children are at greatest risk, check on elderly family members throughout the day, and make sure to bundle children up. the rule of thumb is two layers for every one you wear.
Herbal Healers:
  • Cayenne tincture: a stimulant cayenne help to warm the body system from the inside out, improving blood flow to extremities and organs. Take 1 dropperful every 20-40 minutes in juice or water until body temp rises. (can be found at health food stores)
  • ginger tea, ginger is a great warming herb, ti stimulates blood flow especially to the extremities. Add 2tsp of herb to 1 cup of water, steep 10-15 mins, strain. Sip 1 cup every 1/2 hour. 
  • to prevent cold and other infections after hypothermia, drink teas high in vitamin C, lemon tea, rose hips, hibiscus flowers, chamomile &, peppermint. Mix 2 tsp of each herb into a jar (except the lemon). to make the tea, add 2 tsp of the blend to 1 cup hot water, steep for 10 mins. Drink 4-5 cups daily in sips.
Information from The Guide to natural Healing, cards: Ailments and treatments, frostbite, and hypothermia. And knowledge gleaned from school (and living in NE for 10 years)
Stay warm and healthy my loves
Today is a cold one
Be Blessed 

Incense and Oils

Imbolc Incense Recipes:

Imbolc is a great time for coven work as well as initiations, here is a
 Initiation oil recipe:
Base oil, plus 3 drops frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood

Sabbat Oil
Base oil plus, 3 drops frankincense,  2 drops each: myrrh, sandalwood, & 1 dropeach: lemon and orange

 3 parts frankincense
2 parts dragons blood
1 part cinnamon
1/2 part red sandalwood
a few drops red wine

to make this incense more powerful, add to it the flower petals of the first flower to bloom in your area, during Imbolc (make sure to dry it first).  This i=one I have made and it burns really well, I have also used it on the Imbolc fire and it scents the whole place really well.

I also love the incense recipe given here, by Flora:
Brighid's Incense:
  • 1 part birch bark, oak bark, willow bark, and crushed rowan berries
  • 1/4 part blackberry leaves, flax flowers
  • 1/2 part bistort root, and snowdrop flowers
I have to admit I haven't made this recipe by Anna Franklin, but it sounds pretty interesting, if you try it please leave a comment to let me know about it. 
I hope you enjoy making your recipes 

Sunday 23 January 2011


image from llewellyn witch's calendar
If Candlemas be bright and fair
Winter will have another year
but if it be dark with clouds & rain
winter is gone & will not come again
Traditional Edwardian Saying

Watch the show from 1:34-3:00

Information from Celtic Folklore Cooking pg 13,& Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac.

Imbolc sometimes called, Imbolg, Oimelc, Brigantia, Lupercus, Disting Groundhog day, Candlemas or even St. Brigids’ Day.

Today is good day for cleansing and celebrating new beginnings.  It's also a good day for coven work.  
Today on the farms, new lambs are being born and ewes are in milk. 

It's the beginning of Spring cleaning, today is a good day to start as well as opening the windows to air out the home. 

Gods & Goddess associated with Imbolc:
any sun Goddesses, virgin Goddesses
or young male Gods

Customs of Imbolc:
candle burning
relighting the hearth

Sacred Foods
Milk, cheese, dairy products

Threshold time: midnight

Element: Fire

candles, candle flame, hearth, grain dollies, milk producing creatures, burrowing animals: lambs, sheep, cows, goats, and any winter birds such as blue jays, cardinals, and chickadees.

Imbolc Moon:
Quickening Moon or 
sometimes called the Alder Moon, which is masculine, it is can be used for protection, self guidance and teaching, self-improvement, and self-reliance.

basil, myrrh, wisteria,hyssop, sage

How You can Celebrate:
Dress yourself and your altar in white, while serving white beverage to honor the calving season.  Today is a good day to bless and anoint any candles that you will be using in your rituals for the rest of the year.  
Imbolc has always been celebrated as a fire festival, in some celebrations the festivals are celebrated from sundown to sundown. the bonfires were believed to aide in bringing back the sun, and encourage the summer to return.

Imbolc Correspondences:
Colors: white, red, yellow
  • rose quartz,
  •  snow quartsz, 
  • amertirne, 
  • jasper,
  •  fire agate, 
  • sunstone, 
  • goldstone, 
  • moss agate, 
  • amethyst, 
  • connemara marble
Plants: snowdrop, birch tree and rowan tree.

Saturday 22 January 2011

Imbolc Meditation & Prayers

Here are some Celtic prayers found in the Celtic folklore cooking book:

Celtic Prayer 
Everyday I pray to Bridgit 
that no fire, no flamesshall burn me 
no lake, no sea shall drown me
no sword, no spear shall wound me
no king, no chief shall insult me
All the birds shall sing for me
all the cattle shall low for me
all the insects buzz for me 
God's agnels shall protect me
Butter Prayer
to be said when making the butter, which can be done on Imbolc  to be used as part of the ritual.
 She who put beam in moon and sun
She who put food in ear and herd
She who put fish in the stream and sea
Hasten the butter up to me
Pray Bridgit, see my child a yonder
waiting for buttered bannocks white and yellow

Prayer for Brighid's Day:
can be said infront of a new stove or new fireplace in a new home

Brighid, Our Lady, queen of our hearth,
Goddess who guards the heart of our home
threefold flame who shines in the center
we honor and praise you
we offer you our words of worship
Queen of Poets, may our lives be creative
Queen of Smiths, may our lives be useful
Queen of Healers, may our lives be heatlhy
Your family is stanidng before you here
confident you will do what is right
I personally like to say it as I light the Imbolc fire in the fireplace. 

IF you have the chance you can swing by, which also has a great pagan section.  For Imbolc I love this meditataion on the Beliefnet blog.

Patti over at the page for pagans has some amazing information for anyone looking to learn about Imbolc and what it stands for, sign up for her 7 day Imbolc class you will receive information in your email

Mrs. B shared her Imbolc information on her page here.

Friday 21 January 2011

Celtic Tree Month of: Rowan

Rowan  Jan 21 - Feb 17
Irish: Gaelic Name: Luis
Ogham/ Rune: l= , Nuathiz (need)
 Ruling Planet: Sun
Abilities: Protection against enchantment, protection of ley-lines, & of stone circles. highest pure magic, Control of all senses, Healing, Psychic powers, Success, To do with the element of Fire
Seasons: Spring, Autumn
Rowan: Sorbus aucuparia Deciduous 
God/Goddess: Brigid, Thor, 
Colors: Red, Grey
Aspectfeminine (in the Scandinavian traditions) Masculine (in the Celtic and Druidic traditions)

The Rowan tree is a small tree that grows up to about 30 feet, the branches of the tree rarely die, which allows the tree to maintain it's shape through out it's life time.  Rowan is a part of the rose family along with Hawthorne, Apple and Wild Cherry. this tree loves high altitudes and can be found as high up as 2500 feet, which led to it being dubbed "the Lady of the Mountain". 
It has many alternate names including: Witch Tree, Mountain Ash, Tree of Quickening, Thor's Helper and Witch Wood.

Purple, green
Herbs: Snake root, rosemary
Element: venom, earth
Goddess: Norns, Sif 
Animal: Swan, vole

Luis  in old Irish means, Luis means "blaze", or even Lus which means "herb", the other association is caetheand which means "Rowan"
Nauthiz  means: need or constraint, necessity. resistance which leads to strength, self initiated change, patience and difficult learning situations. 
As Food:
The berries are great for winter food for many birds, which is why it is also called the 'bird-catcher tree'.
For humans, particularly in the UK, the berries of the Rowan tree are used to make jams, or jellies which are used with game like deer, boar, or wild birds.
They can be substituted for coffee beans, and have been used to flavor liqueurs and in cordials.
The berries are best when they have been collected after first frost, as this helps to cut down on the parasorbic acid which can cause kidney damage, if eaten raw. These berries must be either frozen or cooked to make the acid become neutral. 

  • The Rowan tree has been a favorite of many as a perfect wand, as it is used for protection and high magic.  It also repels negative energy which makes it a perfect wand which won't need to be cleansed as the protection magic is contained within the wood itself.
  • Rowan wood is also great for use as runes
  • Wear a sprig of Rowan as a charm against charms or enchantment
  • Can be used in metal diving and dowsing
  • Add berries and bark to healing bath sachets as well as power, success and luck sachets
  • Crack the berries and inside is a tiny pentagram, which is why it is named "Witch Wood". carry a small amount of berries to increase psychic powers
  • Burn berries and bark in incense used for scryings and divination.
In Wales, branches of the Rowan tree would be hung above the beams of the front door to guard and protect the home.
Within churchyards, Rowan trees were planted to ward away evil and protect the property. And it was planted in many cemeteries, since the tree generally lived to about 100, it was believed to protect those buried beneath it.

The Rowan is sacred to Thor, because of the legend that states that the tree bent over a rapidly flowing river in which Thor was being swept away in and helped him back to shore, which gave it it's name of Thor's Helper.

More Information is found here in my video:

Information Gathered from:
My book of shadows, "A tree in your Pocket" by Jacqueline Memory Paterson, Patti's Blog, and Tree Legends. Rowan tree at
Celtic Tree Mysteries by Steve Blamires (Currently reading)

Happy New Month
Be Blessed

Imbolc Information

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Thursday 20 January 2011

I Put a Spell on You...

And now your mine….
“ A pox on both your houses” Mercutio, Romeo & Juliet

There are many reasons in which to curse someone.  And many reason in which to not do so, believe me it goes beyond ‘karma’. Hexing someone ties them to you until the spell is done with them. Le Sigh, I don’t like you enough to have you tied to me magically, but don’t get me wrong, push me and I will do what I have to do. 

When I first came into the craft I was all about trying everything and anything, and I got this spell from a fiction book. I should have known better suffice to say the spell works, rather well, O_O
If you have cause to use it, know that it works really well, and any consequences will be up to you to deal with.

To curse a Lover who has been unfaithful:
Stand beneath the light of the full moon, with a few strands of the lovers hair, tie knots as you stay the verse.
No peace find
no friend keep
no lover bind
no harvest reap
no repose take
no hunger feed
no thirst slake 
no sorrow speed
no debt repay
no fear flee
Rue the day 
you wronged me
Be my will, 
so mote it be

Adaptations and upgrades i have added:
  • to enhance the spell do it during a eclipse the magick on these nights are strong and tend to stick.
  • get a lock of hair not just several strands, you can braid it instead of tying the knots.
  • Get a candle that represents the sex of your mate (male, female candle). Dress the candle with their perfume or a scented oil that reminds you of them. 
  • If you can, load the candle with the hair after saying the chant. Light the candle and allow it to burn, once burned down, bury the candle remainder.
  • You can call on Hera, to aide in your revenge spell, as she often sought revenge against Zeus and his lovers.
  • I also added an out, a way for the spell to end, it's not exactly a nice end but it ends:

No lies shall you speak
no more hearts shall you break
no more harm you shall cause
away you will get 
when you fill this clause
If thy heart is given
let it too be cut in ribbons
when your love is given freely
when thy love is returned in full
then you shall be free.
Free you shall be 
only when you have felt the pain
you have dealt to me.

As I said the out isn't a 'nice' one, but at least they now have a chance. i said this part while burying the candle remainder. 

Original spell from "The Secret Cirlce, the Captive" by LJ Smith, adaptations are my own.
Good luck my loves