Sunday 31 October 2010

Blessed Samhain

*This is a repost since for some reason Blogger screwed up (or it could have been me), but somehow the post for Samhain was erased and replaceed with something else. So here's what i think was up*

Have a Happy and Blessed Samhain my loves, May the Gods and Goddesses Bless you in this new Year. .

Fly Safe and happy trick or treating.

Saturday 30 October 2010

Samhain Prayers

There are many different prayers, the one's you make-up are of course the best ones which you can pray!!  I generally just wing it, but I have found that there are many different prayer books on the market, This one I love and it has many great prayers inside.  These prayers are from "A Book of Pagan Prayer" :

Prayer for the Festival of the Dead
  • I pray to all the Gods of death of darkness, of sorrow. Though I do not love you, I respect you. Though I do not welcome you, I honor you. Though i do no invite you into my life. I know you are already there.
  • Eat with us, Ancestors, on this night of the dead. Share our meal with us, and then go on your way.
  • Wild geese flying overhead on your journey south, bear away with you on your thundering wings, the cares that have made my summer weary. Cry out my pain, passing over the darkened land, until the air ocean sail washes away.
                 Offering that can be made to the Gods and Goddesses of Death are:
Beer, Mead, Wine. Bread,  for the Hunter Gods and Goddesses  can also be Meat if you are a meat eater or a hunter you can place a piece of something you have hunted, or even a feather from the birds or a piece of hide from the deer.

Hope these were helpful
Blessed Be 

Samhain Stories: Tam Lin

One of my favorite Samhain stories has got to be Tam-lin.  It's a Faerie tale and an amazing romance story at the same time.  And it goes a lot like this:

The King forbade his maidens all   
who wore gold in their hair
To come and go by Caterhaugh,
For the young Tam Lin is there.
And those that go by Carterhaugh
From them he takes a fee,
Either mantles or their rings
Or else their maidenhead!
Janet kilted her green mantle
(just) above her knee,
And she has gone to Carterhaugh
Just as fast as she could flee.
She had not pulled a double rose,
A rose, but three or four,
When up & spoke young TamLin
'Lady, please, pull no more!'
How dare you pull those flowers!
How dare you break those wands!
How dare you come to Carterhaugh
Withouten my command?'
(She says) 'Carterhaugh it tis my own
My Father gave it me,
And I will come and go by here
Without any leave of thee!'
(There were) 4 and 20 ladies gay
All sitting down at chess,
When in come the young Janet,
As green as any glass.
Up and spake her father dear,
He spake up meek and mild,
'My dear, Janet,' he cried,
'I fear you go with child!'
And if I do go with child,
It is myself to blame!
There's not a knight in all your hall
Shall give my child its name!'
Janet kilted her green mantle
(Just) above her knee,
And she ran off to Carterhaugh
For to pull the Scathing Tree.
How dare you pull that herb?’
said young Tam Lin,
’For to kill the bonny babe
That we got us between!'
'You must tell to me, Tam Lin,
Now you must tell to me,
Were you once a mortal knight
Or mortal hall did see?'
I was once a mortal knight
I was hunting here one day,
I did fall off from my horse,
Fairy Queen stole me away.
'Tomorrow night is Halloween,
The Fairy Folk do ride;
Those that would their true love win
At Miles Cross they must hide!
'First you let pass the black horse
Then you let pass the brown,
Run up to the milk white steed
And pull the rider down.
'First they'll turn me in your arms
Into a lion wild.
Hold me close and fear me not
As you would hold your child.
'Next they'll turn me in your arms
Into a snake or adder,
Hold me close and fear me not,
I am your child's father.
'Then they'll turn me in your arms
Into a red-hot bar of iron,
Throw me into well
And throw me in with speed.
'Last they'll turn me in your arms
Into a naked knight
Wrap me up in your mantle,
And hold me close from sight.'
So well she did what he did say
She did her true love win,
She wrapped him up in her mantle,
As blythe as any bird.
Up and spake the Fairy Queen,
An ancient Queen cried she:
'If I'd have known of this Tam Lin,
That some lady'd borrowed thee,
'If I'd have known of this Tam Lin,
Before we came from home,
I'd have plucked out thy heart
And put in one a heart of stone...
One of my very own!’
              Traditional, adapted by Beverly Frederick (based R.J. Stewart's version of 1692 c.e.)

Beverly Frederick does an amazing song version on her cd Through the Darkness which can be found here  You can find an amazing modern adaptation from Tanya Huff called "He Said, Sidhe Said " "Finding Magic"

This is one of my favorite tales from I was a child, it's a beautiful romantic tale, but it also draws on the magic Samhain, The transformation reminds me so much of Taliesin, which talks about the changes created through the magic of Cerridwen's cauldron. Every Samhain I re-read this tale, sometimes the younger children will re-enact this play it's awesome!! 

Have fun with it!!
I hope you enjoy this story like I do,
Blessed Be

Friday 29 October 2010

New Meals for the Kitchen Witch

Hi my loves

I know I haven't done a Kitchen Witchin Video or blog in a minute, and I have tons to share, i just can't seem to get the motivation to write the blog or edit the videos. So I am making myself do it today.  Here are a few fall appropriate recipes, especially for those who like me can't have lactose products. I miss butter desperately, but I have now found a new substitute in Earth Balance. I have also created this new recipe to substitute for butter.

                                                    Apple Butter
4 1/2 lbs tart cooking apples (about 14 medium apples)
4 cups apple cider or apple juice
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, 
1/2 tsp ground allspice
1/4 tsp ground cloves

Wash, core and quarter apples
In an 8 or 10 qt dutch oven or kettle combine apples and cider or juice
Bring to a boil, reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 30 mins or until apples are very tender, stirring occasionally.
Press apples and liquid through a sieve or food mill. Measure 9 1/2 cups mixture. return to the dutch oven, stir in sugar and spices, bring back to a boil, reduce heat.
Cook, uncovered, over very low heat about 1 1/2 hours or until very thick, stirring often to prevent sticking.

Ladle apple butter into hot sterilized pint or 1/2 pint jars, leaving 1/4 head space. 

This creates 112  1 tbsp servings
Nutrition per servings
28 calories
0g total fat (0g saturated fat)
0mg cholesterol
7g carbs
0g fiber
0g protein

Freezer Directions:
Place dutch oven or kettle in a sink filled with ice water to cool apple butter. Spoon cooled mixture into freezer safe containers, leaving 1/2 inch head space for top containers or 3/4 inch head space for narrow top containers.
Seal Label and freeze for up to 10 months. 

                                                            Apple Pie Filling
12 lbs cooking apples ( granny smith, rome beauty, jonathon, pippin, golden  delicious, winesop, northern spy, ot braeburn apples)
5 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups clear jel
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
1/2  tsp ground nutmeg
1/8 tsp ground cloves
5 cups apple juice
2 1/2 cups cold water
3/4 cups lemon juice
1) Cut apples into 1/2 inc slices, Place in ascorbic acid solution, drain well measures 33 cups
2) heat 1 gallon water to boiling, add 6 cups apple slices, return to boiling. Boil for 1 minute, using a slotted spoon, transfer apples to a large bowl, cover. Repeat with remaining apples.  Measures 24 cups
3)In dutch oven combine sugar. Clear jel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, Stir in apple juice and the cold water
4) Cook over medium high heat, stirring constantly until mixture thickens and boils.  Add lemon juice; boil 1 minute, stirring constantly. pour over apples stirring to coat. 
5) Pour into hot sterilized jars. Remove air bubbles, leave an 1 inch space, wipe rim and seal.
6) Boil for 25 mins or until properly sealed
Makes 6 or 7  qts enough for 6 or 7 pies

Kitchen Tip:  
apple flavors vary, cool a small amount of the filling and taste it before canning.  At this time you can adjust the spices and sugar, however Do Not adjust the amount of lemon juice.
                                                     How to Use the Filing 
Spoon one 1 qt of the filling into pie crust, cover, you can add a dab of butter if you like., cover with top layer and bake. Make sure to cut vent holes in the top layers bake 25-30 mins and serve!!!

recipes derived  from the better homes and gardens "canning and preserves book pg 29, and 72

Enjoy My loves

Thursday 28 October 2010

Welcome Mrs B's Horde!! Part Deux

I am proud to have you here.

I love Halloween and obviously so do you (or you wouldn't be here).  There are many ways to get around the website, I have an awesome Broomstick guide at the bottom of the page with the links for each post listed there.  I also have on the side a link about me, a bucket lista movie list as well as a book list.

So scroll on down and check out the links for my 31 days of Samhain, where I discuss how I came to the craft, share witchy craft ideas, book reviews, what Samhain means to me, who my Gods are, my trip to Salem, poetry and so much more (of course its not all 31 days yet so come on back and check it out as the month roles along). On Sunday, I will share my Samhain altar and my ritual. set-up.  
Thanks so much for stopping by
Blessed Be & Happy Samhain

There is no more room in

the broom closet

To some of my friends I'm just the weird friend who's really into nature, to some Im pagan, to others I'm a  hedge-witch.  Very few people know the last part. my family kinda knows but pretends I'm reformed (mhahaha too funny). As I have said before the women of my family have the sight, even though they have it they interpret it as a gift from God, and don't actively use it, they just let stuff happen then use the information.
One night my mom dreamt her Grandfather led her into my room (this was way back in high school). From there he showed her all the hiding spots for my wrapped books about the occult.  The next day while i was away my mom went into my room and went to all the places she dreamt about and sure enough she found them all, with this she had my sister help her dig around and seek out everything: fiction books she objected to, history books, witch guide books, tarot cards, my athame, my scrying bowl and mirror.


They stock piled all my books near the door of my room and waited for me to come home.
On the way home I kept getting this weird funny feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach and delayed going home for a couple of hours by hanging out with my friends even longer than normal.  I still don't know if that was good or bad and when I got home my sister wouldn't look at or talk to me but told me to just go upstairs, my littlest sister showed them to me, I tried to pull as many as I could, but I couldn't save them all the others???
My mom burned!!!
When I think of the money spent on those books I want to cry, my only words to her was to ask her

" How would you feel if I had done this to you? Desecrated your church and burned all your bibles?" 
she never did answer that question.  I can understand why she did it, but it still hurt to know that your family won't accept your faith.  My mom's father was a deacon in his church, her mom the first lady of the church, she grew up in the church and has never doubted or wondered about her faith. To most Jamaicans anything that's not Christianity (and their brand and flavor of it ) is devil worship.  She wouldn't listen to anything I had to say; so i made the decision never to practice as long as i was in her house. i packed away what i had saved and hid everything else at a few friends homes.
Culturally Jamaicans have internalized the slave masters mentality that the religion of the ancestors is devil worship and Obia (Voodoo) is looked down upon.
I never discussed faith with any of my family ever again and to this day, I never mention my faith or beliefs.
This is a pretty harsh story, but its mine. It took a while for me to even speak to my mom again, and even now this still colors everything, i don't share as much as i used to and i certainly never discuss my faith with her.
Its sad to note this but when you have been raised culturally to know that anything else is wrong you cant accept it from even the closest person.  Even if you see that it makes them happy. I don't really blame her, she has her faith and I have mine. Its just unfortunate that her faith teaches that mine is an abomination to hers, and must be eradicated.
My mom's reaction was the most severe my sisters didn't really care other than my next youngest who aided in the "purging" who doesn't believe I am on the right path at all.
We got into a fight over the summer and we discussed it all, she wanted to know why I didn't like her. (I thought I hid it so well) and I told her, she still thinks what she did was right but she didn't agree with the book burning (she's a teacher).  Its ok I have been learning to work through it and let go.
I'm not as hurt as I used to be and I have found I'm not really as angry as I was before, I'm just resigned to way they believe and know that their beliefs will never change,
Neither will mine!!!
How did your family react to your faith dear readers? any tales like mine? Any worse than mine? Please do share

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Hello dear readers,

Today is weigh-in day, time to account for what we have doing for the last week, so here we go

New weight: 232
Old weight: 240

I also screwed up the courage to measure the inches so here they go:

thighs: old: 26, new 24 1/2
hips: old: 47in new 46 1/2
waist: old:48, new 45
bust: old: 49, new:47
arms: it's the same 15 in
size 16 pants size 18 fall off now!!!!

OmGoddess Can I tell you how excited I am that this is working? I am so happy to see these numbers, so here is an idea of what my workout was like:

I walked two days with my parents around the local baseball field, 
day 1: 6 laps
day 2 5 laps (it started to rain, so home we went)
I took three days off, because I was hurting in paces I had forgotten I had!!

Then yesterday I walked 5 laps and ran 2, yes ladies and gents I ran the laps, the way i did it was to walk 1/2 the lap then run the other half, I did this for four laps equaling two ran laps, and it felt Gooooood!!!
How are you doing my loves? Have you done your numbers?

Blessed Be

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Sometimes I just know....

I dream, sometimes scary nonsensical dreams, but dreams non the less. Sometimes I dream a song, and wake up and turn on the tv and there it is, being played. As a teen I used to wake with a word playing like a refrain in my head, and the word would pop up all the time that day, either it's definition could be applied to a situation or sometimes to the whole day, then of course would be when someone would use it in a sentence to me. Freaky!!

This is all to explain some of my ideas that I get, I will dream a situation and wake up with the words a character said stuck in my head, I will get ideas and thoughts and forget to act on them and then see someone else make a video or blog about it!! (even freakier) sometimes I know exactly what friends are going to say or know who is calling even before the phone rings (useful for those calls you can say you never got LOL).

Many times I have woken up with a poem, a scene from a book or something in my head and I would write it down. Sometimes nature inspires the "knowing". This is a poem I wrote in April of 2006 after I walked in the woods:

                      I am the daughter of the Morrigan ©

I will go above, beyond, and thru all 
obstacles because
I am the daughter of the Morrigan
I am unstoppable, unmovable, undeniable
       I am the daughter of the Morrigan
I an beautiful, & terrible
I come in many guises
I am an unchallenged child
I am a lover of all things
I am Mother to all
I am beloved among many
I am her Priestess
I am tried and true method
I am wisdom unbound
I am ALL this & more
I am wise I am Kind
You see
       I am the daughter of the Morrigan

After I wrote this poem out, that's when I knew who my Patron Goddess was, funny thing is when I went walking in those woods, this wasn't the question whose answer I sought.  But this answer made all the other questions, pale in comparison, and I knew so much because of this one answer.  This is what I meant when I said She sought me, this poem refused to be dulled by time, as I wondered thru the woods, but instead grew stronger as I headed home, and all the words flowed no hesitation, no loss of what was there, it all translated, and I thank Her everyday for it.

Why not share how the season inspires you? Do you have any poems inspired by your Patron Goddess or God?

Brightest blessings

(this material is copyrighted, please do NOT take from this page, without explicit written permission, a curse will be the least of your problems, my lawyer will love to talk to you if you steal my intellectual property, so please respect my artists' rights)

Monday 25 October 2010

It's Like Disney for....

or Witches!!!

Where else would I be discussing other than Witch City of the World?? Salem Massachusetts. 
The city of 1692 Fame. Now this city is a haven for Wiccans, Witches and many Pagans alike.  The city changed its nickname to Witch City and has on thier official logos, city stamp and police cars the logo of the witch,
Every October there is a big festival which hosts the most amazing rituals and parites for little witches and big witches alike. Street fairs, concerts, public rituals and re-enactment of the Witch Trials are just a few of the many things going on the amazing city. 

Salem City Center

The first time I ever went to Salem was on a school trip through my catholic college (yes I said Catholic).  I have gone back several times since and the Magic of Salem has never dimmed for me. there are always more new and fun things to do and see. As a history lover this is a city to see. 

From the Witch Museum, to the harbor where you can be transported back trhough time on one of the many boats. I can just imagine myself back there (Oh wait nope wouldn't want to go there slaverly is just not my thing).  You can get a taste of what it was like to live in Salem and the Witch Village in Essex just a few minutes outside of Salem, here people  are dressed in period pieces and "live" in the village. 
The first thing I went to see when we got to the Salem green was the huge statue sitting in the center of the town, of Roger Conant, founder of Salem. Right behind him is the Salem Witch Museum.
Next I head over to the Burial Point, where most of the women killed during the trials are buried.  
Here several stones have been set to commemorate the men and women who suffered during the Salem Trials.


This is all that's left of the original courthouse, this beam:sits in the museuem over the door as you go down into the prison cells. Be careful not all the exhibits are wax!!
Downstairs in the "prison"s different scenes from the trials are re-created by the wax figures. Each showing a different scenario including the one instance of crushing, that occurred.
DocImage4 DocImage6

Here are the other pictures from the wax museum:  Here the trial is starting, 
.Being sent to the jail:

Tituba and the girls:

Here are the other pictures of the end of the display:

There are many more pictures from my trip and I will share those another time this week
Laters my loves

Saturday 23 October 2010

Have a Seat.....

 Grab a cup, it's time for tea.

Welcome My loves,
getting ready for our lovely tea party? lets take a refreshing bath shall we?

Calming Juniper, & Geranium Rose Bath:
This blend is soothing, sedative, and spiritually uplifting. Keep the temp of the bath between 98.6 to 110 otherwise your body won't absorb the healing properties of herbs and oils. 

The juniper oil will help combat mental fatigue (it's been a long day) and restore calm (necessary for a party with a bunch of witches) and the geranium helps to balance hormones ( so there will be NO flying off the handles ....yes its a joke I'll stop now)

6 drop each of Juniper, and Geranium Rose Oil  (you can simply add these to the bath water or you can make the body scrub and gel I'll share with you)

Body Scrub:
1 cup fine sea salt
1/2 cup grape-seed, hazelnut, or soybean oil
6-10 drops essential oils

apply to damp skin, and relax for a few let the oils do their job.

Shower Gel
2 cups liquid castile (or in a pinch Natural baby shampoo)
For sensitive  & dry skin: 1 cup rose water; for oily blemished skin: 1 cup orange blossom water
30 drops of essential oils
For sensitive : lavender and chamomile; for Dry: lavender and geranium; for oily: peppermint & lemon.
Shower well.!!
Apply a lotion to keep skin soft and dress in a lovely outfit and float on out to the party..

Welcome to theParty, allow one of our woodland spirits to show you to your table. 

It's a Tea Party , let's get down with our delicious teas:

Witchy Tea 1: Vervain Tea
Vervain was regarded as a sacred, ceremonial plant, in several ancient cultures. It became a charm to rekindle lost love..  You can wear a crown of vervain.on this party night ( it might help keep the headaches away, although drinking it will be better)

Lady's Mantle Tea:
This tea is especially effective for women. It's name "Alchemilla" means "magic herb". So its a great tea to serve at a magickal party!!

1 cup of boiling water, 
1 heaping scope of tea herb allow to steep for ten minutes,
then serve with honey if you want. 

Of Course some midnight revelers loves to let loose, and may not want to have some tea, but not want the side-effects of alcohol. Here are some great recipes to try:

Citrus-Cranberry Sparkler
1 32 oz bottle sparkling mineral water
1 cup cranberry juice
1 orange sliced
1 lemon sliced
1 lime sliced
1 cup ice cubes
In a large jar with ice, add cranberry juice, and fruit slices, pour in sparkling water as you serve over ice in chilled glasses.

Blueberry Shiver
1/2 cup blueberries, frozen
1 banana peeled and sliced
1/2 cup white grape juice
1/2 cup chopped ice
slice of banana for garnish

Place blueberries, banana, grape juice and ice in a blender and blend until smooth. Put into chilled glass and garnish with a slice of banana. 

Ahhh since we have partied into the night tomorrow (l;ater) maybe a day you need to get up and do things, and we don't want to look as if we are dressed up as raccoons.  Here's a little recipe to aide in hiding or keeping away those dark circles:

Eyebright Tea:
use 1 tsp of herb to 1 cup of water, bring to a boil for five (5) mins. Then allow to steep for 5 more mins. Strain into a disinfected glass container Let cool completely, then use it as a compress to help reduce inflammation and soothe the eyes.  Always use a new batch of tea each time you ise it for a medicinal application. 
Enjoy Party beneath the moon witches!!!

Friday 22 October 2010

Pagan Blog Prompt: Bullying

Recently the pagan blog prompts came up with a new talking point, they wanted to talk about Bullying. This one is a pretty good talk prompt because well no guess here but i was bullied. Yes Ladies and Gents I the amazing young woman, funny, witty, sarcastic, and did I mention smart?? was bullied.

I guess this is what happens when your family works at your school.  My Mom worked at a college which had a elementary school attached and the children of the teachers  went there, so that's all she wrote

Let me explain:

I went to private school almost my whole life, the uncomfortable uniforms never made me feel good, the stress of being around people who i could feel the animosity made me very sick.

 I had a teacher who made it her job the entire time I was in her class to attempt to catch me unawares, or unprepared. She led the bullying for that year. She picked on everything I did in front of the other students, its a small school so there is no where to hide, she didn't like my shoes, they weren't shined enough the pleats in my skirt weren't straight enough, if there was an excuse she found a reason to call me out in front of EVERYONE.  This of course became stressful, so much so that my deodorant would fail (i'm in 7th grade at this point) and no matter how much i applied whenever i went to her class i always ended up smelling (defense mechanism perhaps)
I can look back at it now and laugh but when i was in it, it wasn't comfortable at all. I had no place to go and no one to turn to because my Mom didn't believe a teacher would pick on a student.  Even though i would achieve the best grades in the class when awards time came around; I never seemed to win student of the month. When it happened for the third time, my Mom had the Principal launch an investigation and sure enough, the teacher was awarding non deserving students because according to her "she has to learn that she can't win ALL the time",O_o but it didn't feel as good as if I had received it in front of the school assembly.

There are a few thousand moment and instances of being at this school that i could talk about, none of them good the only thing that kept me going was knowing i was getting out of there and i was going to my school of choice. I got into one of the best all girls school in NY, and I'll never forget the day when they had all the seniors stand up in front of the assembly and tell which schools they were going to SUCCESS. the feeling of elation of knowing I had gotten in when the students who picked on me, the ones the teacher preferred hadn't made it it, Nothing can compare to that sweet taste of freedom, of knowing i would never have to see those bitches again.

High School was different, I knew too many people to be picked on I hung out with everyone, the metal heads, the goths, the geeks, the "thugs" from the all boys school down the street and learned to adapt when making friends, I found my own niche, it helped to know i had a Goddess backing me up and I wouldn't fail with her as my friend, I made many life long friends and some people I was glad to see the back of when i graduated. Even though I knew people i still got bullied a little because i didn't pick a group and stick to it, so the jocks would make fun of my "geek" friends and the cheerleaders (why is always the cheerleaders?) never really liked me because i hung out with their boyfriends a lot (football fan what can I say?).It was kinda hard to pick on me though because I myself was a jock i did cross country track and gymnastics, and in my junior year cheerleading (can't beat em join em) as well as being student body president for the last two years of school.

All of this is to say, despite them I am here, I succeeded, i certainly didn't have to deal with the level of bullying going on now, but it was still intense. The minute I left my old elementary school behind, my body odor issues stopped, my face which had been in constant break out mode, calmed down, the few extra pounds I just couldn't seem to lose disappeared, that summer between junior and high school was one of the best ever.  I think back on it now and i know the stress of being in that room with that woman everyday for five days a week was the root cause.

How do we deal with the new kind of bullying going on?
Well considering the way our kids are left to resolve it, this is a serious issue and one we cannot ignore by pretending our kids are perfect angels.  We need to give our children the confidence to meet their challenges head on, and to never fear the bullies, When a young woman from school threatened to jump me, I went right to the Principal (yeah i snitched AND?) I worked in the office during school so i knew him pretty well, my Dad got called and he walked me out of school, when we were leaving i saw the girl and pointed her out to my Dad and he walked me up to her and asked what was her problem, when she couldn't answer, he told me in front of them(her and her little crew) that if they ever hit me in my face  that I'm allowed to hit back and keep hitting until i see white meat. O_O LMAO now i think about this it might not have been the sanest advice but it worked, having them know that i was allowed by my parent to fight back and that i wouldn't get in trouble at home? Priceless.
is this the solution? letting these kids know that their victims will kick their asses? What about those who never actually hit someone? How do we handle those? I just know for me being quick witted always worked nothing like leaving the bully attempting to figure out if you insulted them or not, while you skiddale down the hall.

I don't know dear readers, for me I can't advocate fighting unless absolutely necessary, but a verbal war?!?! Man listen; my mom's an English Professor, I can cuss you out in both Old and New English!! You may not get all the references but me?? I'm the chick walking down the hall laughing cause to me your the stupid one, Confidence is key, and maybe that's what both the bullies and the victims are missing.  That and the threat of a good ass whooping might fix the problem (but hey that's just me)

Well Folks have at it: What do you say? How would you handle being bullied? And yes to this day there are small moments of bullying among adults especially when you don't fit the "norm" as most of us Pagans don't so how do you handle it?