Friday 25 June 2010

The New Tornado Alley?

Hi readers

in the last few weeks we have been experiencing some pretty severe weather for New England and recently my state got hit with a tornado, yes you read right in CT we got hit with an actual tornado. Now for those of you who actually live in tornado alley you are probably thinking " that's not a real tornado" but when you can handle earthquakes, and Hurricanes its difficult to get used to something that's not in your repoire. New England doesn't normally get tornadoes, And we are certainly not used to the damage that has been done.

These are just some of the images from the skies in the last few weeks and I'll put up links about yesterdays tornado and the damage wrought.

Thankfully no one was hurt

this is the sky before the storm

the sky as the clouds roll in
 this is all the info from channel 12 news it was even on CNN

thanks for stopping by ya'll and as always Fly safe!!

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