Monday 29 November 2010


Hello my loves
I am so excited in the next few days there will be the new series launched for Yule!! The 21 days of Yule, if you haven't had a chance to sign up to show your Yuletide decorations, and recipes, or whatever else Yule means to you, please check out the button on the side bar!!!
In just one short day the page is going to be changed and updated so keep a keen eye out. I can't wait til the Solstice gets here I am slowly (yes already) putting out my decorations and changing and getting into gear, I have been slowly listening to Yule music, now I'm in full swing of Yule.
Are you excited about Yule? I know I am!!
Blessed Be my loves

Sunday 28 November 2010

My Advice to Newbies

I am by no means an authority on all of the Craft. I am however an authority of my own Path (or so I tell the Gods). And these are the things I wish I had known when I started on my path.

1) No matter how much you study this isn't a path that has one definite end. You are constantly learning and the information you once thought was solid?? Give it a few more tries and believe me something new will pop up, It's up to you to determine if this will influence you practice.

2) There are no definite authorities in this path, no one person who can say "this is the only way it can be done" this is both comforting and it is daunting. You are now in charge of learning and expanding your knowledge and constantly challenge your understanding of your understanding.

3) Tools will seek you out, when you are ready to move onto something new you will know. You will be at a craft store, a bazaar, the witchy shop or even in the comfort of your home and surfing the internet, but you will KNOW it when you see it. So don't stress

4) What you do today, may not be what you do in two months, 1 year, 5 years. And that is OK, your practice evolves as you evolve and understand the Gods and your path.

5) Don't buy everything listed in the witcy books, unless you really feel the need for them, because and believe me this is true, no matter if you have all the tools, incense and perfect ceremony, if your heart and soul aren't into it??? It's not worth the time it took for you to half-ass call the Elements

6) Not everything is black and white., What you say you will never do today, may come back to haunt you later when you have exhausted all other possibilities and are now stuck, in the case of hexing it's a absolute last case life and death choice for me. Exhaust ever other avenue first, because as long as the hex is working you are stuck with that person tied to you.

7) A witch must know her limits, we can't know everything to do with the craft, learn at your own pace, I have been doing this a while and am now just getting to Theban script. O_o Yeah I know. Become good at one thing instead of adequate at everything.

8) No one likes a know it all,, if your opinion is on everything has to be right ALL the time, you should start to really look at yourself, other's opinion matters also, don't get into the habit of correcting everyone way of saying something (even if you are right, it's annoying to hear all the time)

9) Go with your gut, if it doesn't feel right, walk away, your instincts are there for a reason, no matter what they say, not everyone who is in the Craft is there because they want to help the masses, some people are here because they think they can control others, or are narcissistic and which to be the Priest or Priestess. Run don't walk away from these people and their issues. 

10) Know your limits and know yourself well enough to walk away from "friends" if you must. Not everyone is going to understand your faith, you could talk til your blue, and they still won't understand, Don't make it an issues and it won't be one. 

11) There is no one perfect image of a witch, we come in all shapes, sized, race, sex, and orientation, there is no need to all attempt to look like Starhawk or Laurie Cabot, don't be a second rate Starhawk be a first rate you, maybe in a few years people will want to emulate you too. There is no one way to dress as a witch, so don't feel the need to run out and buy a new wardrobe, what you have works just fine.

Blessed Be my loves

Wednesday 24 November 2010

KWW: Day 1


Hello my loves
and welcome to Kitchin Witchin Wednesdays. I have joined
Mom’s A Witch. I normally try to post a Kitchen Witchin recipes, idea or craft, admittedly due to the festivies of the last few weeks I haven’t posted anything, this new blog idea is great for getting me back on track.
Here are some ideas for being an excellent Kitchen Witch..
1) Pick one day in which to maintain your kitchen, as you clean bless each instrument and thank them for aiding you in creating, maintaining a healthy home
2) Create a special place for a hearth Goddess, if oyu have a fire place in the kitchen this is easy place it on the mantle, if you don't have a fireplace, how about ontop of your cabinets?
3) Wash your floors with peppermint in your soap to help prevent pests
4) Try to go green by using baking soda, and your own soap which is easy to make, don't have the time? Try using green cleaners, like Method, Seventh Generation,  you can check out
Treehugger for reviews on other green cleaners.
5) Try to use fresh spices if you can. Purchase only dried spices from reputable places, if you can attempt to grow some, many herbs winter well, thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, simply place them near the kitchen
6) Place flowers, or fresh herbs, something growing should be in your kitchen
7) make sure your tools are sharp and good, the best tools help to make the best meals
8) Only stir in a clockwise motion when make a meal, you can stir counterclockwise to release negativity from eating a particular meal, but stirring clockwise aides in adding energy and blessings in the meal..
9) Try to purchase as many of your produce and meat from local farms and as you bring in your produce to your home, thank the Gods for the food, thank the animals for their sacrifice.
10) If you are a hunter, thank the animals as you bring them home, thank the gods for their participation in your hunt.
11) try to purchase extra food, that way once a month you can donate in the Goddesses name to the local food donation center.

Please share any of your tips in the comment section and don't forget to check out Mom's A Witch's website.
Blessed Be

New Month

and officially Weather Maven Wednesday.  Yay!!!

I don't know about you but when the seasons change I can actually feel it, even before it officially became fall I could feel the change, there was a slightly cooler breeze in the air, the mornings were chillier and I heard the geese. 

Yes they started earlier this year or maybe I'm paying attention more.  Either way I have noticed the change. Fall for me has always been my favorite season.  it means Samhain is almost here and in New England it means the changing of leaves. 
 Its amazing to watch the colors change as if the trees are putting on a new outfit very very slowly.  Some change quickly and some wait until last minute to get dressed, but the changes are there.  You can see the squirrels running around picking up nuts and getting ready for winter. 
The Oak trees are dropping plenty of nuts, future trees to help build their forest and there is a sense of waiting. As if nature is gearing up for something Huge.
Recently on a drive to my favorite craft store I happen to pass the local pond, this pond is a meeting place for many, the birds, the people who come to skate when it ices over, and the farmers who own the corn farm across the street.
After having the privilege to get so close to these geese I knew I was being given a message, so I did some research into their meaning, On Samhain morning when I heard a flock flying by I murmured a prayer, as all birds are believed to usher prayers and souls to the other world. I asked for peace for the souls who were wandering that day,
If you have ever seen a flock of geese, you know there is always one in the lead, this bird cuts the wind so the others can fly easier as they go along, S/He also call out so the other birds don't get lost, as well as encourage each other. The goose is a good symbol of team work (much like a family unit that is functional), it has a clear leader, but the birds will rotate and hand off the position so that someone is always fresh for the leading position.
This one goose seemed to have chosen me, he wandered closer as I took pictures, and allowed me to get close and take as many as I wanted. Later I realized s/he was the leader of the group, as s/he got back in the water the other geese followed very much as if they were in the sky instead of the water.  I love the image below it's just so perfect and beautiful, the bird is just so amazing.
According to the Celts, because the Goose would return to the same place every year, they symbolize loyalty, especially loyalty to home.. They also represent patriotism, and nationalism. 
The wild geese also represent the nature -oriented side of your soul, they were once considered along with cats, the most likely of witches' familiars.  Being that to get geese to move, one prods them in the hind parts, they also symbolize being moved along a path. There is a new opportunities of something you should be doing and you are being moved along the path with gentle nudges.
geese also never leave an injured member behind, they will stay with the other bird until it dies or can fly again. 

All birds deal with the afterlife, and geese are no exception, they are seen as ushers of the soul to the other-side (due to their navigational skills) . they are also a symbol of the spiritual and are a source of inspiration.
Here the leading goose shares another symbol, one not of the Celtic system but of the African, this is the symbol of the Sankofa, this is the symbol of remembrance, of remembering ones roots, of learning from the lessons of the past. It literally means "To return and get it"
Seeing this was awesome, as I knew not only was I being warned of the changes in my life, I was also being reminded to listen to the lessons learned to aide in moving forward and I would be able to navigate much like the goose without always seeing but being intuitively lead. Sometimes geese can be seen as symbols of misfortune as well, so if you see them be aware of the warning whether good or bad news.  Our ancestors used to watch the birds to know when winter was coming as well as when bad weather was coming on suddenly, if you have every been somewhere and noted the sudden silence of the birds take that as a warning of danger ahead.
Geese are very protective of their young and of the members of their fleet, and will show a display of aggression by their wings, you can't seem them here but once I arrived I noted many carrion birds circling the small fleet, here one of the geese began his show of aggression when another bird flew too close to the fleet.
As if wanting me to know she (Morrigan) was never far away, several crows and ravens took up residence in these trees above the geese. 

I love this one in particular because I was able to catch the crow in the top right as it landed among the trees.
I hope you like the first of the series my loves, as I will attempt to add the series in with the 21 days of Yule,as this is a season to connect deeply. 
How have you noted being called to nature this season? Have you felt a deeper connection as you grow on your path? Any animals popping up for you? Please share in the comment section.
Blessed Be my loves


Monday 22 November 2010

Mall Renovations and Preview of Birthday/TurkeyDay table

Despite the global downturn, my town has managed to continue to not only grow but to go green.
The local mall recently underwent a renovation of massive proportions, adding a brand new dining area and new shops, It was desperately needed.

Here is the front of the new dining area
  Close up of the bow, which actually lights up! You can't really see it but it also says Happy Holidays

the outside dining area
A Cake Boss Cake for the mall.

The side view, so you can see how deep it is.

I snuck in a Santa pic, I then walked very fast away!!
Turkey Day/ Birthday celebration set-up

the centerpiece, I will be adding flowers, and such but for now it's just the candles and my holder.
my attempt at an artist’s pic 

Close-up of the napkins

One setting, each napkin is a different fall color.
Today is my birthday (Nov 22nd) I spent most of it relaxing, then at the mall walking around getting to know the new layout (I haven’t been in there in months). It was a good day.
Hope your day was great my loves
Blessed Be

Sunday 21 November 2010

Book Review

Cheese making: Self-Sufficiency by Rita Ash

With many re-awakening to the "domestic" arts, and many Americans attempting to reconnect with nature, there are many books out there addressing this topic. Rita Ash's book is perhaps one of the easiest for a lay person to understand the fine art of cheese-making.

This is a book for those who are attempting to be self sufficient ( I mean it's in the title LOL). Rita makes cheese making a very easy task, compared to some of the books I've seen on the subject. . From the history of cheese-making to the kinds of cheese, she breaks it down into a simple easy task anyone with the time can try. And Rita makes it seem like it's not really a big time consuming task, so in no time you will be cutting the cheese (ok I'm sorry I'll stop)

She covers everything needed, from the source of cheese to the kinds of cheese you can make at home.  With many people going back to faming or even trying their hand at homesteading or even doing things they can to lover their bills this is a step in that direction.  It is especially necessary for the urban homesteader or those that are preparing for the end of the world (hey don't knock it, everyone has to have a hobby)

The recipes are easy to understand and most of the ingredients easily found at the local farmers market. She adds a great resource in the back of the book which makes this book a great jumping off point for those interested in making their own cheese. Or even just learning how cheese is made. You can use many of your own utensils, so no need to run out to buy new things (damn there goes a good shopping excuse) Many of the cheese recipes end up coming out cheaper than the ones in the store and some are a little more expensive (based on where and how you purchased your basic ingredients- lesson learned shop around)

I highly recommend this book.
Have fun making your cheese my loves
Blessed Be
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Book Review

Judith E, Sulik's An adventure for your palate. (it's the smaller book on the right)

There are two of these books, version 1 and 2. I happen to have read over the summer version one and was super excited when i saw book two on sale on Friday. So here is the review i wrote up( or down on paper)  for book 1 and wanted to share with you ever since.(i read it just before the 31 days of Samhain started, since those days were all booked i couldn't slot it in anywhere)

It's an how to eat your way across the state book. it's great for the hundred mile diet plan because all the food is locally sourced, and almost all the restaurants are owned and operated by locals.  Omigosh with everything from NE clam chowder recipes(there are many imitations but few ever actually get it right) to vegan fore it highlights some of the best restaurants in the state (on the coast) and each chef shares their favorite recipes in the book.

The recipes highlights are from some of my favorite restaurants like the vegan haven in Bridgeport called Bloodroot  They are a feminist owned and operated with a seasonal menu, and they are very Goddess orientated. With dishes just too delish to describe.

If your ever in Connecticut this book will guide you some of the locally loved restaurants and eateries, which we consider some fo the best of the Best.

Can't make it here? Well, some of the best (easy to make) recipes have been included in his little book.
A must have for those who love to try new thing and wish to cook the New England way.

I will be posting images of my attempts at these delish dishes and of course the recipes.
have a Blessed Weekend my loves

Romance Book Reviews

Helen Brooks "The Greek Tycoon's Bride"

For such a small book this packs quite a punch. I picked this book up on a whim on Friday. I like to indulge every once in a while in what I like to think of as "fluff trashy" novels. In between, deep thought provoking non-fiction, and all guts and gory novels (seems like all paranormal books is all I read) I like to give my mind a little break by reading this quick bite books. They're never too heavy and they always have a happy ending.

This helps keep the empathic part of my mind from becoming bogged down with the ugliness of the world or from becoming drained on the worries of the world.  Hey we all need out sanity valves and these are mine.  Now sometimes i read these books and which to chuck them through the nearest window. The women are sometimes weak, almost everyone of them is a virgin (wth is this obsession with this????), the men are no modern woman's idea of a prize, they are borderline abusive, obsessive, arrogant, and bullies; not to mention disrespectful and just plain in need of a good punch to the face. But they are fluff for me, not the gory novels I generally read and get lost it, it's there to give my mind a rest from attempting to figure out how to "find" the next killer in the novels.

But I digress, recently I noticed that some of the women actually had backbones, some even had thoughts that seemed like real women, this book is one of them.  It comes closest to describing real love and the issues faced by couples for these small books.
The main female character meets the other half of her soul and fights like hell to resist the charm.  she's flawed, she has issues and uncertainties that don't stem from body (because we all obsess about looking like someone else's idea of beauty  O_o) or equality (because all the men we meet are completely out of our league, and we must feel insecure with his friends and family O_o); and they don't disappear with the words I love you. Which thank Goddess is what real love is, it makes it easier to fight your battles, it doesn't conquer them for you.
She's successful, knows her worth, and fights like hell to be seen as more than a pretty face.  The male lead is someone any woman would be lucky to love, he's patient and willing to go the miles to make the relationship really work, not just lip service; and he knows the woman is worth fighting with and for.

If you have passed these books up before, when and if you ever get a chance to read them (from a second hand store, you know make it easier on the wallet), do read this one. it's been the closest to real relationships I have read. heck it inspired me to stay up and finish it, as well as write a post. how many books can claim that (ok maybe a lot, but none of these "fluff" books have before)

Blessed Be my loves
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Saturday 20 November 2010

Book Haul

Yesterday I went for a walk downtown in my town. I had errands to run, and I happen to be passing our local library. and I just couldn’t resist the small book sale they were advertising.
Small is relative
These boxes contain many books, sometime two layers

….and there are plenty of boxes….and shelves

upon shelves of books donated from libraries and people, some old, some new. The low lights make it such an intimate affair, searching through the books, was such a great time. I got lost in this room for over an hour..

These are my haul from this amazing sale,

the money not only supports the library, they get to buy extra books not covered in the budget, but they use the money to overhaul the children’s area and bring in toys and such to help build imagination.
I get to indulged in my guilty pleasure of “trashy” romance

without feeling the pinch in the pocket


I got new cookbooks for a fraction of the price

I knew I was supporting a good cause while not feeling the guilt of spending money in this tight economy,
And I found a witchybook I have wanted to read for a while

My haul came up to
guess how much?  11 books for $6.50, yes you read that right $6.50
I love a bargain don’t you?? Also, this is very green because these are "used" books, which don't go into the landfill, and your recycling them into the general public. Buying new is great!! Buying used when you can? Even better.
I will be posting delicious recipes from my cookbooks, since I haven’t done any recipes for a while.. Of course almost all the books have a witchy theme, so I will be doing reviews on those also.
This is my haul why not check out your local library and see if they have a cause you can support?

Blessed Be