Monday 16 May 2011

Chasing Dreams, can be tiring...

Oh dear readers I miss oyu.
 I haven't had the energy to even read any of my fave blogs and I'm beginning to feel it deep within, Even my magic had taken a backseat to this damn program, i know i said "balance" but it's hard to achieve when there are others involved, not just the program but family and friends (who I have rarely had a chance to see since January),  Not just that this season's allergies have been playing serious havoc with my sinuses, and I have caved to conventional methods of treating them instead of the natural way (as great as the natural way is sometimes it takes too long).

Ok no more complaints, as this smeester is over in days!!! i can't wait to be done for the summer, and can go for walks in the woods, sit beneath the trees and root myself deeply into the fabric of the day, the sweet rhythmic dance of nature.

Today while driving into school a flock of geese and the new goslings were crossing the busy highway, and a woman used her SUV to vlock oncoming traffic so they could pass safely i thought it was so amazing that even on a busy morning, nature still makes us take time for little ones. It's took a few seconds and they were safely across, and the amazing part to me?? No one had an issue with it, you saw people with their phones out taking pics, and others smiling as they drove by the little pond.

This was great to see, even on a busy Monday morning the Goddess lets herself be known in the smallest ways.

have a blessed week my loves and I will see you soon


  1. yea for summer! hoping your classes went well. a few years back some idiot decided he couldn't be bothered to brake for a mute swan, instead he ran it down. the public outcry was stunned & the police/media hunted him down like he was rabid. no problems since....

  2. I totally understand where you're coming from, when life just keeps you busy hopping or flying as the case may be ;) and the blogosphere just has to be put on hold. We're still with you and seeing the darling ducks is a sure omen for sweet new beginnings in your life :)


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