Sunday 26 June 2011

Midwife Series: Movie Review

Movie: Orgasmic Birth

I watched this movie as a part of the midwifery preparation i'm going through. I picked this one up because many of the midwives and forums have discussed the book with glowing colors, plus the premise seemed great so i picked it up through Netflix.

the movie hinges on how the 'pain' of labor can be seen as a positive ting and how it works to augment your labor instead of something to fear. documentary had experts like Penny Simkin, the director of the World health Organization, Dr. Christine Northup Ob/Gyn, several midwives including the great midwife Ina May Gaskin.

One of the shows many aspects is the women who gave birth live on the show, each patient shared their own story and allowed the cameras to watch as they gave birth. One of my facorite parts si the showcasing of women EATING during labor, as a person in the medical field I KNOW logically why American doctors insist that women not eat during labor, but knowing the logics, and seeing the scientific discrepancies make it difficult to back the system.  The WHO itself has shown that women who eat and rest during labor actually have shorter, less intense labors, and they are more likely to have vaginal births than those who aren't allowed to eat, as their energy stores won't be low and they will be able to better labor.

The film highlighted the emotions the couples feel as they labor, both being happy, and sad, the fear, the mom's and dad's panic, some of them are as calm and cool as ever.  It discussed how the women can possibly become 'orgasmic' during labor.  The Doctors involved all discussed the scientific aspects of the reason some women become orgasmic.

I particularly liked that the film covered the fact that sexual abuse victims sometimes have a harder time laboring in the traditional setting of the hospital.  There are books that focus on that one of them is on my list to be reviewed.

I personally loved the movie, and what it was attempting. I think there could have been more personal stories, and perhaps a few more facts for those who need it.
Check out the movie if your interested in learning about midwifery.
Be Blessed

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