Tuesday 24 January 2012

Book Review: Dark Magic

Book Title: Dark Magic
Author: Christine Feehan
Pages: 368
Publisher: Jove
Cost:$ 7.99
Erotica Rating: ★★★★☆
How I got it: From my personal library
Young Savannah Dubrinsky was a mistress of illusion, a world-famous magician capable of mesmerizing millions. But there was one-Gregori, the Dark One-who held her in terrifying thrall. Whose cold silver eyes and heated sensuality sent shivers of danger, of desire, down her slender spine.With a dark magic all his own, Gregori-the implacable hunter, the legendary healer, the most powerful of Carpathian males-whispered in Savannah's mind that he was her destiny. That she had been born to save his immortal soul. And now, here in New Orleans, the hour had finally come to claim her. To make her completely his. In a ritual as old as time . . . and as inescapable as eternity.

My Review:

I'll admit, I read this book years ago, when it first came out, I have been a Feehan fan for years. Then I got way too absorbed with other things & stopped reading for a while. This year I decided to read more of the books I have unfinished on my shelves before buying the rest of those on my list. To truly understand Feehan's books I like to read the whole series before jumping into the newer ones. I like knowing the background of the characters, it adds something to the story.  Once again I picked up my favorite book from the series, because for me this is where the series really got good.  Unlike the female characters before who played at being strong, or self sufficient, Savannah actually did what was necessary to have her own life.  I'm not too fond of their first few moments as a couple together, but I guess it proves the story arc, that he almost waited too long.

The concept of the Carpathian race being different from the vampires, is pretty cool, it allows Ms Feehan to have her own world without making or breaking the "known" lore of the vampires.  She can create her own language, myths & legends; even their own rituals, with no one being able to say "Yay" or "nay".

Pros of the story: it's a very erotic romance between a man deeply ingrained in the Old World mentality, who becomes a little more modernized as he falls in love with Savannah.  Savannah is a strong character.  They 'realistically' build a relationship which is aided by finely honed instincts which gives them a greater advantage over our own human methods, yet doesn't prevent any of the fireworks that comes from building & melding two completely different lives.  & the love scenes are very steamy.  The characters although seemingly 'perfect" had their own faults & insecurities which they had to work on separately & together, which made the lvoe story even more appealing.

Cons of the story: Gregori sometimes borders or even actually does some 'caveman/chauvinistic" antics and we are to accept that this is okay because he is Carpathian and he loves her. O_O 

It only works because in everything else Gregori has had to be brought (with a little kicking involved) into the modern world of living with Savannah. I thoroughly enjoyed her schooling him on "modern" women, Very steamy, the story was very well written. I loved it I love to re-read this one when I'm bored reading 'regular' books. 

It's one of my favorite Carpathian books, and one I enjoy re-reading. I hope you will enjoy it too.
Be Blessed and Happy Reading


  1. I love feehans books. I especially love this series in audio book format. ;)

    1. isn't it awesome?! I think she is an amazing author, with an new twist on the vampire myth that makes her pretty unique. I'm attempting to catch back up on all the books I have missed over the years. Let me know what you think of the others in the series.

  2. From the book cover, I'd throw this in with the "historical" trash my mother likes to read. But maybe that is misleading...

    1. I think that is why they redid all the covers recently. I hope you enjoy it.
      Be Blessed


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