Thursday 9 February 2012

Paranormal Telly: Lost Girl

OhhhhhhhhhhhMyyyyyFriggin Goddess I didn't know this show existed. How did I live without this show in my life??
I'm in love with this show. Sweet blessed Goddess, they even have the Morrigan. I'm talking about Lost Girl on Syfy, it began on a Canadian site called ShowCase (i'm so mad at all my Canadian friends right now for not telling me about this show, you guys suck). 

I haven't even finished watching the first episode and I can't wait for the next one, and it better be AWESOME. Thankfully like all the other shows I have ever talked about they have used 'new' actors, who don't have too big a name and are extremely convincing in their characters. I mean extremely, i could totally picture anyone one of them as Fae. The graphics aren't too shabby either, actually really enjoy them!!

Ok so let's get the show's synopisis from their own words:
There is something for everyone, the eye candy for men and women is very delightful, the mythological lore so far has been on point, the battle for your hands of power or the right ot choose your 'house" is also on point. To tell the truth some of it kinda reminds me of Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton, just without the Princess part, although the story arc could lead there you never know and she doesn't know she's Fae, she also has a human sidekick,
Kenzie, Bo's human
If this show ever gets cancelled *crosses fingers that doesn't happen anytime soon* I'm sure Mrs Hamilton will have a host of people to pick from who could capture her characters. 
Bo manages to create for herself a buffer zone and has some pretty powerful friends backing her, she still thinks too much like a human though & in the Fae world that will eventually come back and 1)haunt her because someone close will pay for her ignorance or 2) she'll end up dying. 
Can I say I'm in love with a siren? I wish they would cover his story a little more, 
I'm not too fond of the emphasis of Dark Fae/Light Fae as if the names actually show the inherit character of the Sidhe or even their magic abilities. Seelie/Unseelie either way the Fae aren't exactly friendly to humans and the ones that are, really aren't on the top of the totem pole, you can't get something for nothing & I hope like heck Bo learns that soon. She has people paying prices to keep her safe & she doesn't even seem to understand that or recognize the sacrifice, eventually she will have to learn & when she does?? That episode is going to be EPIC. 
I love the sensuality of the show & how Bo gets her feed on, she's a very lucky succubus. 
ok now back to the show!!! It shows on Mondays at 10pm on Syfy.

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  1. I save this post to remind me to check out Lost Girl and I'm so glad I did! I don't have cable so no Syfy channel, their website doesn't have the episodes available to view, annnnd neither does Hulu. So I came here to whine and cry no fair I wanna watch too but then I noticed the link you included for the Canadian site that I didn't notice before. Hence I'm so glad I saved this post in my google reader. I'm so looking forward to my It going to bed so I can get started LOL


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