Tuesday 2 August 2011

RIP: LA Banks, Leslie E. Banks

On my books read and books to read is an author who I love like hell, her name is LA Banks. She is too awesome for words, her books, are too amazing. She wrote books with characters that were flawed yet fighters complex yet, oh so simple.

Her take on vampire, and the paranormal world was something never done before, she mixed music, Black culture, African history, Kemetic history and lure all into one power packed story line that stretched into several books. Books that changed the way I viewed a lot of things, it also became  a bridge between my sisters, and myself. Through her books we formed a informal book club with several friends and we connected over these characters, we compared much of life's lessons with the wisdom shared within the pages; these books created characters that spoke, walked,talked and looked like us. In a genre where mostly white females dominate it was lovely and inspiring to read of a powerful black female character and her Neteru team.  Heck, my white bath got a makeover after reading her version of the old ritual.

According to her website she lost her battle with cancer, which she discovered only this year. Leslie will be missed, my heart goes out to her daughter and to all her fans and friends.

May she walk the path to the ancestors, and find peace
May Anubis watch over her and guide her safely to Ma'at
Blessed Be

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