Wednesday 3 August 2011

KWW: Jamaican Fried Fish

Hello my loves
Today's recipe is a family recipe so don't tell anyone!! (shhhhh)  This is usually made with whole fish, and generally on Fridays, or during the Easter season.  Fun Fact: In the Caribbean. Fridays are generally the day people fry their meals for saturday or the '7th day'' so 'fry'day !! Cool no??
Fish (3 Tilapia fillets)
1/4 cup flour
1/2 cup cornmeal
1 Tbsp Jamaican Seafood Seasoning *this is necessary, order online if you can't get it at the local grocers, or attempt to find a Caribbean store*
black pepper to taste
onion powder to taste
cover the bottom of the pan in oil (heal while you dredge the fish)

Thaw your fish, set aside
In a separate bowl, place flour, cornmeal, stir well
Add in seasonings in a well in flour mixture
and stir in
Dredge each fish piece in the mixture, my Aunt loves to use buttermilk to dredge her fish in before she flours them.
Place fish in the pan and allow to turn golden brown, watch the side of the fish not in the oil, if it's a filet, allow to turn almost translucent first, then turn

Allow to grow golden on both sides and fry up well,

remove from oul and place on a paper towel and allow to drain.
I serve mine up with fresh callaloo from my garden, and some jasmine rice.

I hope you enjoy, and rememeber don't tell my mother i gave her recipe away :P

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