Monday 15 August 2011

Women plan gods laugh


So remember the stress free moving day i planned prayed for??
yeah didn't happen at all, started this morning with my mother waking me up because she accidentally cancelled the turn of service for the gas.o _O  The phone rang and when he asked her about the service she said No you have the wrong number, then afterwards it occurred to her that it's not her phone and therefore the call wasn't for her =__= Not happy at all,

As if Loki wasn't done with me yet; shyt just went from bad to worse as the day wore on, did I mention the rain?? it's been raining since saturday night NON-STOP, need I remind you i have hundreds of books that can't be exposed to that much moisture period???

the leasing agent has the day off, and has the keys with him- not getting into my apartment. to make it even better :he's gone until thursday!!!!!. My family whom are helping me move can't help on Thursday because they work, do you see the shyt storm brewing here??

I just quit attempting to move right then, i just quit period. UGH
slightly dented but still here


  1. Oh yuck. Moving sucks at the best of times. Sorry to hear it's been a rough one for you already. Hope the rest of the move goes smoother!

  2. Moving is just the worse thing!! I'm so sorry to hear about all the mishaps :( It'll happen...stay positive! lol ((Hugs))

  3. Yes your title is accurate, I have moved to many times to believe anything other than this. Remember that one way or another you will survive, and there will be a story to tell. Good luck as your move progresses!

  4. @Rue thanks for the sentiments, I'm praying this is going to be better as well

  5. @Tamara Thanks so much!!! I'm going to need it.

  6. @FaerieSage ain't it sad that it's true?? thanks so much home fully the move goes smoother Thanks again Be Blessed


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