Friday 19 August 2011


I will be moving for the next few days, and will be without internet for those days until I get settled in (by Monday). School starts back up on the 29th so I will be doing up a lot of posts between now and then to help me get by when I have to go back on hiatus. This semester is going to be fierce, as I will be in clinical(s) for three full days (645-145) and theory for two days(745-230) cramming five courses in the two days. Crazy as hell, I know I can't wait!!!

If you haven't seen the side bar lately I have decided to join the Practical Magic Blog Party, being hosted by Frosted Petunias much as I did last year, I loved doing it and will be having a blast on September 24 again this year!! So be on the look out for that, click on the link if you wish to join. Or swing on by the other bloggers who will be having fun on the 24th.

If you haven't scrolled to the bottom of the page lately you might have missed the new page badge, you can now grab my code and put it on your blogroll, how cool is that? My facebook badge is also listed below.

have fun and blessed be see you on Monday!!

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