Monday 1 March 2010

so yeah

New Laptop= Inspiration 
So i know i said i was taking a break well i got a new laptop and im inspired to do a few videos just to get rid of all the pics and stuff i have taken and saved, so ill be putting up vids as soon as i have time to do so. I have put up three which were easy to edit not too much editing needed so up they went,

i have to note that i have slipped a bit in my eating healthy kick and new life makeover i ate so much junk in the last few weeks it's crazy i had pms craving which i never really get but i ate so much sweets and i cant even say it's cause i knew it was coming cause my flow is like most women unusual to say the least (think 1 a year if at all). I have had all the blood panels done and my hormones work fine my body just doesn't do it and my cousin was the same way til she had her babies after baby two she became so regular you set a clock by her. (So now that i have shared waayyy too much lets get on with the show)
Baby sock bag/ adult sock bag

i have been making a few new things for babies and one for my sister who just loved the idea, im also going to make a knitted blanket for a friend i just have to get her ok on the colors first.
my besties shower went off really well and we had a blast almost makes me want to get pregnant (i said almost) but not yet i have a few more things to do first.

but now i gotta fo stop prograstinating cause that's why im on here

ttyl guys

Blessed Be
love always

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