Friday 28 May 2010

One of the things...

I plan to do this summer is read as many of the books on my list of must reads as possible and watch as many of the 1001 movies I must see (according to some publisher of said book title). 

I have found myself falling in love with the old black and white movies that many would consider great. This week I watched several Audrey Hepburn movies ( will talk about those later) and fell in love with Humphrey Bogart (now i know why everyone raves about him so much),
So i think this summer i will get to know as many of the leading ladies and gents of the bygone era, and as to that i will start a page of the movies i wish to see and write when i saw them as i go through the list. if you have any you can of think  that are must see make sure to  write a comment and ill check them out

One of the reasons I'm doing this is well its been two kinds of temps aroung here lately 1)Hot enough to kill you for even thinking about going outside or 2) Pouring down rain with Tornado warnings attached

Color me not amused with this weather :(
So to make this a more interesting summer I am attempting to learn more about the arts, and do it as cheaply as possible (nothing beats Free) hence most of these movies will be rented from the library or seen at the local movie theatre where they play older movies once a week.

To say the least it should be interesting, and at the most I will get some really good ideas for clothing, because I really love the old "glam" look.

Anywhoo I won't take up anymore of your time today My loves
Remember No drinking and flying, :)

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