Sunday 25 July 2010

My apologies :

I am on my knees for ya'll (get your mind outta the gutta!!).

 I am so so so so sorry, I know I promised to write three times a week but i just couldn't seem to get up the nerve to really write something. I had some ideas but they just didn't seem to really belong on the blog.

In truth I have been suffering from what the old folks used to call Ennui (otherwise known as the blues). I just couldn't get interested in anything, I would film many things take tons of pictures but i just couldn't get up the "pizzaz" or excitement up to make the blogs.

But I am back now and I can't wait to share all I have been learning over the summer.
I have even found some amazing blogs that I have enjoyed reading which have helped me understand how I want my blog to go.

So I apologize sincerely
& thanks so much for stopping by and reading

Love and light always

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