Wednesday 28 July 2010

Awww they say

that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

How my day went from great to worst in the span of twenty minutes. 

As with any plans pertaining to children there is never a sure bet. The oldest had tennis lessons this morning and the youngest after having a hissy fit because he couldn't be with his sister was in a sour mood. I let him let off steam for 10 mins by watching Toot and Puddle (who really came up with this name for a children's cartoon I'll never understand, but that's for another time), we then go outside so he can play tennis too and he just was not feeling it, I'm a poor substitute for his sister (thrown over for a 4 year old, I'm struggling to pick up my self-esteem) .

I decide that a walk will do us fine ( I will come to regret this decision in a little while). He decides he doesn't want to walk but ride so I allow him to climb into his all terrain walker and off we go.  This has been a week of record highs and then wicked thunderstorms, so this mornings clear skies and soft breezes inspired me to walk even further than normal I mean its  930 am and only 73 degrees outside and perfect to go.
He is finally engaging with me and requests that we hit the trail that runs behind the house (O_O) & i thought Whew he's talking to me again lets GO!!! (stop laughing) the trail starts off pretty rough then becomes a great for an off road stroller to go,

I carry him down the steep hill then he's back into his stroller and off we go, we aren't the only ones taking advantage of the cooler climate there are several people with children and dogs on the trail, for some reason everyone felt the need to warn me that i was going to break my stroller on the trail (Ugh i know what i'm doing people thanks). I think now would be a good time to mention I am wearing flip-flops (O_o,  oh read on this only gets better!!).  As we are waking I noticed that there are more roots from the trees than I ever noticed before and certainly more debris on the ground, so out of the stroller he goes and start walking, I'm carrying the stroller now and its time to go home because his sister will be dropped off from her lesson soon.

Sooooo genius that I am I decide " Why don't we use the cut behind the house instead of walking all the way back?" (I will later pay for this thought) remember I am with a 2 year old and carrying a stroller and we go off the beaten path to what used to be a easy walk up to the backyard, but sometime in the last few days the rain has washed alot of debris into the half trail behind the house and soaked the ground (I'm still in flip-flops) going up hill

Things go from bad to worst:

1) the rain has washed away the path (O_O)
2) and I no longer have any landmarks.

The next fifteen minutes are a painful amount of walking around with a toddler on my back complaining that he wants to go home and me trying my best not to cry, finally i see the back deck then realize I'm closer to the neighbors house and need to go across to my destination because the neighbors' woods are filled with poision oak (I am not at all happy at this point).

I finally figure out how to cut across to get to our back deck,(angels sing" Glory Glory !!) then as I'm walking up hill to the deck


the heat hits and I get drenched walking with the stroller and baby we finally clear all woods and are back on the little path to the house, He wants down and runs peddle for the meddle to the house (Ok so now you can run ) I finally make into the gargage & collapse, not two seconds later the car caring child number two comes rolling up......
 I look at the clock it's only 1030 AM , and I am reminded that with children there is no rest for the weary.......

Never fear readers there is a part two to this day's tale that must be told at another time

as always

Don't fly too low or too high

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