Tuesday 1 March 2011

L&D Obsessed

L&D for those who don't know is Labor and Delivery. For those of you who are like me and obsessed with L&D shows especially those that share natural labor or even the slight labor management ( a little bit of meds used to manage pain) or full interventions (c-sections).

The newest  fix for our addiction is lifetime's new "One Born Every Minute". Now I was never really a fan of the other L&D shows on tv, until they had the midwife led show, which featured a lot more natural births, water births, and a few emergency (true emergency) c-sections. 

I really liked "Bringing Home Baby", when they followed the new parents to see how they were doing with their new child and how they were adjusting, this show was really good for showing the good, the bad,& the ugly side childbirth, and what happens next. I think too many shows focus on the 'good' part of having the baby and never on what happens after that and too many women are unprepared for the shyt-storm that is a new baby ( I mean that literally and figuratively too).

Even though this show only focuses on births, it does show all the sides of labor, and it focuses not just on the Doctors and the laboring women, but on the Midwives,and the Nurses as well. it's a good show so far, and I thought I would share. It's all the rage among my Doula friends because there was an episode with a Doula in it
The Show airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm, check it out when you can. 

Happy watching


  1. I normally can't stand shows having to do with L&D or babies, but I'm OBSESSED with this show. It's pretty funny too.

  2. @dark mother I love it because it shows all the different views, and the women are from a good range, and yes they are too funny.
    Be blessed and happy watching


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