Monday 21 March 2011

Lover of Food and History??

Well in Britain there is a food critic names Giles who has made it his decision to run through the dining habits of the last 500 years. It's like a Supersize me for the last few centuries of diets.

The first show is hilarious as he and a friend Sue Perkins makes their lives for a week all about eating and living in the times. They talk to about us what they are eating and what it does to their bodies. If you live in the British Isles you can check it out on BBC, but for those like me who can't get this on the telly, check it out here on YT.

Not only do they highlight the many different diet  ,and how many popular meals came to be, they also discuss the role of women at the time and their lack of options during these different ages. Many different things are also discussed like the beginnings of coffee house and where the women of the Suffragist movement would have met and even the many different fads about diet through the ages.

Here is a look at the first video:

There are several more episodes do check them out if you can.
Happy Eating and Happy Ostara

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