Thursday 28 April 2011

Dear TMobile 2: Actual letter sent to customer Relations

To Whom it may concern

I called you customer service on Thursday April 28th, 2011, as a customer whom had an issue with the T-Mobile Dash 3G.  Last week, April 20, 2011, I spent four (4) frustrating hours on the phone attempting to get my phone replaced by anything else but the Dash, at which point I was told I would not be able to do that, unless I wished to do an early upgrade and pay for this. To which I stated NO, since this was a technical issue not an issue of normal wear and tear, or even my incompetence. I was transferred to SEVEN (7) different people, all of whom kept repeating the same line, there was nothing to do.
 I accepted the phone, and received my phone in the mail. The same day I received the phone it presented an error message which stated “ Cannot execute HTCActivityLog.EXE.exe” do I wish to send, I sent all Three (3) messages, to which it repeated the error message for “WmpPlayer.exe” and Windows media player would freeze.
 I called customer service to report this and the gentleman on the phone told me to reset the phone after he updated the web information and that the phone should work fine, if in 72 hours I had an issue I should go to the store. I did. And she told me to call customer service. As I had only received this phone four (4) days ago I was very angry that I was calling back with the same issues.
 I first went into the T-mobile store in Mall in an attempt to have it fixed just in case I was doing something wrong, while there the lovely young lady reset the phone letting me know that I would lose the information on the phone and they would be able to get it all back. She also checked to make sure the phone software was up to date. As this was taking place, after the hard reset the phone froze while she was attempting to fix it after the reboot. At this time she told me that she was going to note the account, and that I should call customer service and they should (as per company policy) replace the phone with an offer of equal or lesser value.
I called you customer service line where I was forced to explain the situation to each person I spoke who would transfer me again and again to someone new. Finally I told the young lady I was speaking to, to get the supervisor, as I’m sure he could fix this issue. The manager who came on the phone stated his name was Mark, I let him know that I was not satisfied with the options being offered of taking back a refurbished (read “fixed” broken phone) and that I wanted my phone replaced, and I was not going to pay for it, as I had paid for this phone and it has given me nothing but trouble for the last few months.
He told me that I was calling and asking him to “jump off of a cliff” (His exact words) and just because he was supervisor did not mean he was going to do what I needed him to do; which is hold up the end of the bargain struck with T-mobile that as along as I pay my phone bill, if there are issues, T-Mobile would fix them. 
            When I snapped that he was being very irrational and that this was NOT good customer service, as I myself worked in the customer service field and he was NOT doing a good job of keeping this customer happy. I told him also if I was not satisfied I would return my equipment and cancel my service. I then told him if I had anymore issues I was not dealing with customer service I would talk to the people in store who would then have to talk to him because this made no sense, that I had to keep getting the same phone and he was in charge of fixing that but he wasn’t going to.
            I stated he should send the refurbished phone and anymore issues would have to be fixed immediately and I was not going to keep doing this, as I had already wasted enough time getting my phone fixed. I also let him know that his customer service skills were abysmal at best, and that I now knew why the company was doing so poorly if this is how they treat customers. I also demanded his customer number which he stated was 42029, then I asked for the number of the order Mark gave me the number, and told me to hang up, as I was on someone else’s phone and didn’t know how it worked I told him I was attempting to do so. Mark the Supervisor stated “Even hanging up is an issue for you, uhh” then hung up the phone.

I proceeded to call back customer service and spoke to Amy (probably the only other person i have spoken to who is a GOOD customer service rep) at badge number 103764 who after searching the notes stated that this badge number was actually false, the badge number listed last was actually 126950, and that is the number of the person who processed the refurbished order. Your MANAGER, who is in charge of the service representatives, not only had a nasty attitude, he also LIED to a customer.

To say I am beyond fed up with the atrocious standards of customer satisfaction you are dealing is an understatement. If this is how loyal customers are treated, I hate to see how you treat the others. I left another company and have been T-Mobile customer for almost fifteen (15) years, under numerous numbers as I have moved and changed numbers, and I am treated disrespectfully by your customer representatives.

I wish to let you know that once my contract is up I will be seeking service elsewhere as, I will not be spoken to or treated this way by people I am paying. I will also be sharing this story with ALL my family members who I foolishly convinced to come over to you once their contract was up with your competition. 

A very pissed off customer

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  1. Oh for goodness sake that is absolutely awful that you had to go through all that...I hope your letter gets that Mark in a lot of trouble..
    I seem to be hearing this sort of thing all over the place - I believe companies should review their customer service policies and update them plus train their staff more.
    I have had a similar experience with my bank the last couple of weeks...I am unable to see why it is so hard to give good customer service!!
    Good Luck with your problem Aisha.


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