Monday 18 April 2011

Dear TMobile

I have been a loyal customer for over 12 years, recently when my family needed to change from Verizon wireless i got them to come over to you. I have never had any real reason to complain about service or any issues. Today i have had an issues with my phone and called customer care thinking foolishly that well "they care what customers think". Well that was a load of shyt.

I have the T-mobile Dash 3G and have had issues with it, it freezes, it resets itself i have lost all my contacts and had to spend hours resetting all my previous preferences. the letter 'A' is stuck and doesn't work the trackball only works when it feels like it, my 'windows media player' says all my files are corrupted and can't play even though they play perfectly fine on my computer version of Window media player.

Everyday to get this damn phone to work I have to take the battery out and restart it, it locked itself on silent the other day and i had no idea how to get it out of that mode it took 30 mins of frantically searching before i found the way to undo that. the phone restarts and freezes in the middle of apps, it kicks me off the Internet as soon as i sign on and I am paying for '3G' service which is a load of crock as its slow as hell. When its not kicking me off I can't type into whatever I am on. What is the point of this phone??? How is it a windows phone but doesn't actually have any windows apps??? Why must I download another software when it looks like Microsoft office is on there but it really isn't it's just so I can read stuff not actually you know USE IT.

 I spent THREE (3) and a half hours on the phone with your customer service today, and still got no where. Why the f**k would i want the same phone back after it broke not once but twice, this phone is defective you no longer offer it as a phone to purchase but those of us stuck with the phone have to suck it up and keep getting the same BULLSHYT "refurbished" phone. The definition of an IDIOT is someone who keeps doing the SAME thing and keeps hoping for DIFFERENT results and that's basically what you want me to do, deal with a 'fixed' broken phone and then act surprised when the does the same shyt. I AM DONE

12 years of loyalty and i have to deal with this??? When my contract ends, you can kiss my ass, as I am NEVER coming back to you, even if I have to send smoke signals to get my information across I will never come back to you. I can now understand why AT&T was able to buy y'all out. You suck and seem to think this is OK, and that your customers have no other choices. Well I am a customer telling you that you I have a choice and it's no longer you and you will never get another penny out of me.

Signed a pissed off almost former customer


  1. uggggg I hate having to call the phone company! It's always a complete clusterf**k and most of the time you get no where or they want to give you the same phone. We've had sprint for 11 years and in October the last of the contracts are up and we are done with them. I have a 2nd phone thru verizon and that really doesn't seem to be much better. :( Hope you get the problems resolved.

  2. Aisha - I hate to say it, but we had the exact same problems when we (my hun and I) were with AT&T. We ran down 4 (!) cell phone batteries just holding to get and agent. It took them 6 months just to get our billing correct.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I have t-mobile and I hate that when a ph is defective they will send you a refurbished ph but they wont let you just choose a new ph. This happened when I got my first I-touch screen ph from them. the screen froze and I only had it a month and they wanted to send me a used refurbished ph when my ph I paid good money for was new. It Pissed me off!! Other then that I have never had any problems with t-mobile. I am actually really bummed AT&T bought them out because I do not like AT&T at all. Sorry to hear of your frustration and I hope they give you a different ph *:)


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