Monday 24 October 2011

Paranormal Telly: Secret Circle Review

Well it’s been a few weeks and I can now give an honest reaction to the show…..... I hate it.

I know that sounds harsh, but Sweet Goddess, this show is shyt. They took an awesome book and fudged it all up. The freaking changes are just too much for me. I tried people I really tried to watch it as objectively as possible. But I just can't do it. 

Instead of a coven of thirteen kick-ass kids who run & live in a small town off the coast of Salem Massachusetts; instead you have six whiny ass kids who live in a town where no one knows what they are (sooo not how the book went).

I can't stand Diana, Cassie is a freaking joke, Nick is an asshole, Faye is pretty much the only character who stuck to her truth (although some of her issues are so fabricated it's not even funny.  Yes I know it's a fictional story & they must find ways to hook the kids but some of this shyt is just insulting and not even worth the side effects cost, but I digress) Adam is a freaking joke & where the HELL is Raj?? What the hell is up with the parents including Faye's mom, and Diana's Dad. 

Seriously who the f**k is Melissa??? Putting a few tokens on a show doesn't make you 'hip' it makes them tokens, stick to the f**king story and stop adding unnecessary bullsh*t to be politically correct.
who the HELL is Melissa and WHY is she on the show?

Don't even get me started on this stupid Jake character, Why do they keep adding these b.s characters, but they couldn't keep the original 13 ??? For real this is some serious bullsh*t.  I get so annoyed every time I watch the show I quit watching in the middle of an episode and have no urge to go back and watch it.

It sounds mean considering some of the other shows I have loved but this is just horrible, I keep waiting for some semblance of what Ms. Smith wrote to appear on the screen but other than the names and the fact that they are witches, nothing is there.  It's like Vampire Diaries all over again, seriously where was Ms. Smith's representative?? Was she asleep during that class when they taught about how to get your clients a show/movie deal? How to help them keep creative rights? 'Cause who ever they are sucked badly at it, She has no creative input and they have shot her story to hell and back.  

This is supposed to be a coming of age story of a young woman who finds her true place in life, she learns what her strengths are and in doing so allows those around her to also embrace their truths, Diana pushes Cassie and becomes her very best friend (better than sisters), Faye is Cassie's nemesis for most of the story then she too stands up for her own rights and becomes the kick ass woman she was in the beginning of the story. The circle grows as a coven, taking two split parts and making a cohesive whole, not just in the circle but between Outsiders and the Families. Cassie's coming to New Salem changes everyone including her and this show doesn't embrace that at all, This Cassie doesn't listen to anyone, she's supposed to be shy and through the beginning of her change learn to assert herself and embrace the changes. There is the classic struggle between light and dark, the two sides of the coven, the two sides of Cassie, hell the two sides of human nature, especially in the last book.
The people who help to bring that on aren't even in the show, where is Sean the lovable idiot who reeks all kinds of havoc, the Henderson twins with their weird eyes, Susan the modern Aphrodite who seemingly is dumb but makes observations that are truly spot on, Laurel and Melody the herbs and crystal witches, Deborah the bike loving chick who can kick your ass, and Nick the Ice Man who totally takes you by surprise with his niceness.  

I know I cling too tightly to these stories, but sometimes if the fans don't demand a good product this is what comes out, look what happened to Queen of the Damned if you have never read the books, hell if you never saw Interview with a Vampire then the movie was ok, but if your an Anne Rice fan, you left that movie theater pretty freaking pissed off, hell when I went people were leaving the theater in the MIDDLE of the movie, one guy said he was writing Anne Rice to let her know how they fracked up her book. 
Seriously guys, what the f**k was this shyt?? Did any of these characters look anything like the ones in Interview?? I mean Stuart tried but he's no Lestat (but this is a whole OTHER post)
There are plenty of books I would love to see be made into shows or movies, LA Banks being the first and anything Laurell K Hamilton (pre-Bloody Noir especially for the Anita series, and pre- Divine Misdemeanors in Merry's series), but this season Ms. Hamilton shared with us how much they wished to change that she wasn't comfortable with and she said NO.

Sometimes it's ok to say NO if it means your story isn't going to be told right. In this case they should have said NO, since they aren't telling the story right.

These are my opinions and you don't have to like them, but my blog, my thought~~ as a lover of books, and these books in particular, I can't condone this show and I won't be watching it again. In my opinion find something else to watch on Thursdays. ~~ I don't like giving bad reviews, but you gotta call a spade a spade, and this ladies a gents, is a spade

Be Blessed


  1. Now, seriously, Aisha.. tell us what you REALLY think ;) Lolol.. I watched one episode and was done with it. I applaud you for sticking it out this long!

  2. Totally agree with you! I was so excited when I heard The Secret Circle was going to be a tv show. Not only am I a huge fan of the books I figured...yay, maybe a show about witches that will actually stay on the air. I cannot believe how far removed the tv version is from the book version. If they had stuck with the book versions, at least in the beginning, the stories could have been so much better. Not too mention most of the people on the show are some of the worst actors I have seen in a long time! I have been struggling through it these past few weeks. I will probably at least give it to the end of the season b/c I am a glutton for punishment, but wow this sucks!

  3. I completely agree these books were great to begin with why did they mess them up. They have done this to great books like Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and now Secret Circle. They will keep doing it also House of Night is going to come out with movies and i'm not even sure if i will want to watch then. I get all excited about then and then I am let down. Authors should not allow this to happen, i feel that is is wrong to all true fans of these books.


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