Friday 4 May 2012

Follow Up & Follow Friday (3):

It's another week of Follow Friday, I'm going to be sharing all the Youtube channels, websites and blogs that I love and think you should check out.  If you have blogs, vlogs or websites you think we should hop on over to, share in the comments!! Thanks.

This week's websites are:
Check out my fave green girl Sara Snow
She has everything we need to know about being green, growing your own veggies, making green and healthy decisions for moms and babies. In a word Sara is awesome, I became a fan after watching her show on directtv called Living Green with Sara Snow, I fell in love with her book Fresh Living *almost didn't return it to the library*.

On the Green tip there are so many really good companies to check out, one of my favorite blogs about being green comes from Yahoo, yes I said Yahoo Green. Here you can learn all about the newest, latest and greatest things happening in the "green" world.  From newest books coming out, to who is the newest actor/actress jumping on the green bandwagon, to which companies are actually green vs who are green washing their advertisements.  Yahoo Green is the place to go!!!
I used to get IDEAL BITES in my email, each was a daily tip to help you become a little green each day. They were purchased by Disney recently, although I haven't followed them over to Disney, a friend of mine still loves them. I'm still working through the backlog of email hints they sent me each day. Recently I found tips on how to green clean that I have added to my collection of recipes.

Well those are my blogs, and websites to check out this week, tune in next week for the Coupon edition of this Follow Friday!!!!
Welcome back to my follow up on IMM, here is the master list I am working from. Here's are my stats for the week:

What I have Read So Far:
Intangible by J Meyers:** Review pending.**
Lust Plague by Cari Silverwood **Review Pending**
Burn by Heath Gibson ** Review Pending**

What I'm Currently Reading:
  • Promises in Death  ~ JD Robb
  • Dark Celebration ~ C. Feehan
Recent Reivews Posted:
Click each to name to see the review:
Non Reading Challenge Recap:
  • 1/2 can of coke on April 30th, yeah yeah don't gimmie that look, my sister was going to throw it out, I was taught not to waste. Le Sigh I know I know.
  • I have done three days out of four of the Yoga challenge. YAYAYAY me!!
Well that's what I have done so far. How was your week?? Please share in the comments!!!
Be Blessed


  1. Thank you for sharing Sara's blog, I'm going to go check it out...I try to live as green as possible. Can't wait for the coupon followers!! I'm a major coupon gueen! lol

    1. Awesome!! Have fun at Sara's blog, she shares so much fun stuff I could spend all day there.


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