Wednesday 2 May 2012

KWW: Container Gardening (2)

Welcome back to the second edition of my container garden.  I don't know if I have ever mentioned how much i love gardening. It's relaxing and pretty awesome way to meditate or even worship without there being any formal circle, your in nature that's your circle.

Since moving to my new apartment I have seriously been missing out on my garden walks, or even having any plants around. Well I made the decision to change all that and as if the universe was just waiting for me to catch on. seeds have come to me out the woodwork. I went to the local Monday magic classes at my local witch shop and they had a class about Fairies and having a magical garden and gave out seeds!!! I got aniseed and cardamom, which I will be planting post haste.  Of course cardamom is going to be a little harder since it's a tropical plant but hey if my mom can keep her African violet growing then I can do this.

I planted a few plants to draw fairies to my little patch of garden space, as well as a few herbs. i will be going out to get more containers because I have even more seeds than I expected. I still wished to showcase all the things I have planted already though, so here goes:

I planted the garlic bulbs which stated to grow: my mom normally just plops them in the ground and the next spring or late fall she has some to harvest, mine probably won't be ready for a little while I have six pots with garlic. Once they get a little bigger I will transplant them into bigger pots, but for now they are fine here:
I also planted lettuce, two different varieties, including iceberg and black seeded simpson (kind of a curly lettuce)
I also did Okra (which I absolutely LOVE) they are in the front row of the egg carton, and also have their own container. i need more pots for when they have grown a little bigger as well.
I also have potatoes which sprouted so I cut them and put the sprouted part in the dirt make sure the cut has dried out a little otherwise the potato won't grow it will just compost. I then planted snapdragons in a little pot for the fairies, and some of my herbs, my sweet basil has started to sprout:
Once they get a little bigger, I will move them into their own pots.

Yesterday was May Day, and here in CT it rained so I put all my pots outside to be blessed and watered by Maia (the Goddess of May). I also collected May Day rain water, oh man the energy from this is amazing!!!

This weekend I will be going to the city to get my free compost bins, I have already started saving scraps. I will also be getting some cuttings from my mother and new pots to finish planting everything.   How was your May Day?? Do anything fun?? Share below please.

Happy New Month!!


  1. I'm in the same position you are. I love to garden, it's therapy, so relaxing and nothing like digging in the dirt. :) But since we moved to Florida and into this townhouse I've had to container garden. I'm actually having a good time and it's better than nothing and as long as you pots, you have a garden right?? :)

    1. true, i am so excited for everything to start blooming so there can be some color and green around me.


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