Tuesday 4 December 2012

ARC Book Review: My Kind of Christmas

Book Title: My Kind of Christmas
Author: Robyn Carr
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Format: paperback, ebook
Cost: $7.99, $4.00
Pages: 314
How I got it: NetGalley
My Rating:★★★★☆
Erotica Rating: N/A
The Riordan brothers may have a reputation for being rough-and tumble, but Patrick has always been the gentle, sweet-natured one. These days, his easygoing manner is being tested by his high-octane career as a navy pilot. But for the Riordan brothers, when the going gets tough…the tough find the love of a good woman. Except the woman who has caught Patrick’s attention is Jack Sheridan’s very attractive niece. Angie LeCroix comes to Virgin River to spend Christmas relaxing, away from her well-intentioned but hovering mother. Yet instead of freedom, she gets Jack Sheridan. If her uncle had his way, she’d never go out again. And certainly not with rugged, handsome Patrick Riordan. But Angie has her own idea of the kind of Christmas she wants—and the kind of man! Patrick and Angie thought they wanted to be left alone this Christmas—until they meet each other. Then they want to be left alone together. But the Sheridan and Riordan families have different plans for Patrick and Angie—and for Christmas, Virgin River–style!

My Review:
This is a sweet Christmas romance, it's short & sweet. It's written as a part of a series, yet you can read it as a stand alone.  It references a few couples from previous books (which have been added to the 2013 to be read pile of course).

In this novel we meet with Angie & Paddy who are both recovering from traumatic events in their lives, Angie almost died & it's forcing her to re-evaluate her wants & needs.  Many of her goals & plans are ones her parents pushed her into & she wants to see if they are the right ones for her or has she been living for them this whole time.  Her mother pushes really hard for her to get back to 'normal' as fast as possible not even seeing that maybe this is a new normal.  I liked that Angie was willing to fight for her own needs & took the chance to go & re-evaluate and not just jump back in because it would help others feel more comfortable.  Although this rebellion led to some serious fireworks between her & her mother.

Patrick (Paddy) is trying to decide if being up in the air is still his love & dream.  After watching his best friend being shot down he is understandably having a hard time.  He takes sometime to rethink his life plan & also reconcile his new life goals with what he is going to do to protect & provide for his best friend's widow & son.  Ohhh Paddy is so sweet, to even have that as an idea is sweet (misguided) but sweet non the less.

When they meet they hit it off immediately because Angie has decided she won't let life slide by her anymore.  Her family in town especially her Uncle Jake who still thinks of her as a little kid has a cow
Jake cringed " Ah, dammit he's playing around with her hair!!
Luke laughed a little harder "I've played with hair...you've played with hair..."
"She's too young!! I don't want that to happen" he said glumly.
"Out of my hand. He's a Riordan, That fact that he's always been a real docile & sweet Riordan makes no difference at all. That Riordan..if he's got his eye on a target__hey nothing any of us can do"  Luke says
Can i say how much I laughed at this scene?? I could so see this happening. I laughed really well reading this book. This would make a great Christmas movie especially with the little miracle that gets thrown in, which helps Angie back onto her path. This wasn't cheesy or forced, it was a good read & the extended families?? had me cracking up. Especially when Paddy asks his brothers if they felt like dirty old men for marrying younger women.  I swear the author knows my mother, the bossiness must be a mother trait.

I had fun reading this book it was a really good straight up romance, no weird action thrown in, or weird crazy happenings, just a good romance and a reason for each of them to go back to their lives healed & happy. I loved it & the ending of course just cinched it more for me.  I can't wait to read the other 19 books especially Jake's & Luke's stories because they are interesting & fun characters.

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