Tuesday 30 April 2013

Book Review:Indulgence in Death # 31

Book Title: Indulgence in Death #31
Author:   JD Robb |Webste| Facebook
Publisher: DoubleDay Books| Putnam Books
Format: Hardcover Books
Cost: $25.95
Purchase: Amazon| Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository 
Pages: 373
How I got it: Library
My Rating:★★★★1/2
Erotica Rating: N/A

First it was a limo driver shot through the neck with a crossbow. Then it was a high-priced escort found stabbed through the heart with a bayonet. Random hits, thrill kills, murderers with a taste for the finer things in life-and death-are making NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas angry. And an angry Eve can be just as an efficient and dangerous predator as the killer. As time runs out on another innocent victim's life, Eve's investigation will take her into the rarefied circle that her husband, Roarke, travels in-and into the perverted heart of madness... Discover more in the In Death series »

My Review:
Ohh this very well might be one of the better books. LOL Eve, that's a great present to your hubby for your anniversary, every once in a while Eve does something totally awesome.  Good to know Ireland hangs onto it's charm after the Urban Wars.  Ahh I'm guessing this book is going to be character driven then?? Yep it's going to be character driven.

Yeah it's going to be really awesome.(I'm on page 13 so let's hope it stays that way).  Okay onto the review: this has got to be the best of the series, they actually do some really good work in this one.

I still couldn't believe the nerve of the thrill killers like really??? Who the hell does that?/ Just because your...well I'll let you read and discover why. This is one of the few times I was with Eve the whole way, the story grabbed you from the very beginning and made you love Eve and Roarke even more than before.

I loved the character development that was taking place, especially between Roarke & Eve, they really kicked butt this book (I'm not sure I would be comfortable on a squeaky bed in my families home, just.NOT.happening ).  It's a really great fast read and kept you hooked, I believe I read it in one day it was that awesome.

Happy Reading my loves, I hope you enjoy it!!

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