Monday 22 April 2013

Spring Forward 1: Edible Bird Decorations


  • 18 oz lard
  • 3 1/2 oz coarse oats, nuts (peanuts are a good choice), dried fruits, seeds (sunflower seeds)
  • Garden Wire
  • Old tennis ball or similar, sliced in 1/2 & with a small round hole cut out of the top. Resealed by wrapping a length of wire around the ball and twisting the wire ends together, securely.
  • Garden String
  • Put the lard in a saucepan & melt it gently over low heat, mix the dry ingredients together seperately
  • Add handfuls of the dry food to the melted lard and mix them toether. The dry ingreidients should be well-coated in the lard.
  • Insert wire which is a little longer than the mold into the center of the mold. Pack mix in around the wire.
  • Leave the seed mix in the molds to cool completely, then remove the molds, attach string to the wire and hang up high.
Remember if you start feeding birds that they will believe you will continue, so don't do it if you don't plan on continuing to feed them throughout the year. Hang high enough that squirrels and rodents can't get to it but the birds can. There are bird feeders available that sense when the weight is too heavy for a bird and will drop the squirrel.

You can also try any of the awesome ones on Pinterest (so many different ideas). This is a great way to start off spring, helping out   

**Please note this isn't my recipe, I have had it in my collection for a few years and the journal I had it in was damaged so I don't have who the recipe came from. If you know please leave it in the comments and I will add the attribution. **

Happy Crafting My Loves

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