Monday 25 July 2011

Divinity Series

What makes a God or Goddess Divine? Is it the belief we have in them? Is it there immortality or what seems to be their immortality? Do ordinary people become divine after centuries of their stories being told, perhaps embellished a little? Throughout human history, myths have given us comfort by explaining why things have become the way they are, who the Gods were, and who was responsible for everything that took place. now in modern times, science has begun to take over and explain all those things, is there still a place for the Divine beings to exist. Why are they still needed? What exactly makes them special, and what is part of their myth that allows us to cleave to them?

Several things are apart of the 'spark' that makes many divine. There are miracles attributed to them, many have horns/plates/cauldrons or plenty, ability to either raise the dead, speak to the dead or come back from the dead. many of them even gods of sacrifice or are sacrificed ritually.

What's the point you ask? Well the other day a comedian made a joke that opened my eyes to the similarities between the Gods and it got me really thinking. I know there are plenty of people who point out the 'errors' of some faiths and show how similar the myths are by saying one stole from the other, so I wish to examine the similarities between the myths and seek out the different things that make Gods 'Divine".  What in the myths made a certain man, woman or child 'Divine' and worthy of being worshipped.

Won't you come along on this journey with me? As I look at "what is Divine or not Divine" (quote from Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code)

Post comments and ideas of Gods or Goddess to examine in the comment section. First part of the series: horns of plenty, this Thursday!!

Be Blessed


  1. Interesting idea. I'd really like to see you check out the trickster gods like Loki, or Hermes. There's one in the Hawaiian pantheon too - whose name I can't remember right now. These gods often play quite the pranks on other gods and on humans. It makes me wonder what, aside from shear hilarity, makes them divine.

  2. @The Blue Faerie: Thanks I will check those out as well, yes what makes them Divine? Love the idea, thank you


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