Wednesday 20 July 2011

Updates and Progress

Bonjour my loves

Some of you may have noticed the improvements taking place around the blog. I have included two new tabs which carry their posts linked within.  These are Book Reviews, and Recipes, I have done this because it makes it easier for these posts to be found with less work for you.

I will also be adding some posts that I made but never really posted because I had to do some more work on them, now that i have time I will be posting them. So be on the look out for tons of new posts appearing in your timeline soon. There will be some changes to the design and many of the posts, as I get the blog to the way I wish to have it from now on, so please pardon the dust.

There are a lot of big changes taking place in my life and I needed the time away to get them all together before I could really concentrate on the blog. I have so many ideas and drafts to complete and share with you. I have been attempting to catch up on so many of your posts and boy oh boy it seems we are all running into the same issues with family.

Congrats to all those who are moving out and moving on to better homes and their dream farms.
Be Blessed

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