Friday 29 July 2011

101 Things Update

You must be wondering what this is about, I'm trying to find a new way to knock out the Bucket list, since I'm relocating to a new town which is a lot more fun than the one I live in right now, so I will be able to complete more than I have been previously able to.  I have done three different things from my 101 list which is listed on the side bar. And it's not even 10 days!!

I got my moving boxes from here, yes I know you can get boxes for free from craigslist or even freecycle, or hell just going to the store, but i like supporting small businesses and this is a pretty cool idea, you choose a size and they send you a variety of boxes, all of which are previously used and they are in pretty good condition. I only purchased one set and have used them up already. Check them out instead of purchasing new boxes which used virgin materials please.

I completed coasters as well, I decided to do some crocheting because I have the yarn, it's cheaper and I get to have something personal in my home, something I created, not just purchased. It's also greener, no new materials were used just what i had on hand, some of it reclaimed yarn that was pulled from older projects that didn't quite work out, here are the images.
I also completed the placemats!! I go the pattern here, a link I found through i'm also thinking of doing coasters and napkin rings to go along with them.

I made these pretty qucikly and have enjoyed creating something for my new home which I will be able to use and display and didn't even have to puchase because I had the yarn already sitting around waiting to be used.
I am working on the sponges, and will be doing a ton more of those, because they are easy to work up.  I have already have ten, now I won't have to purchase any sponges to clean at all. It's all nice and green!!!
I want to make potholders, but I only have one color cotton yarn which doesn't match the kitchen scheme, so I will be purchasing new yarn for that any excuse to feed the addiction.  Many of the patterns state that acrylic will melt under the heat and I don't which to test that theory at all, so cotton it will be.

That's as much as can be done for now from the list. See you on the next check up

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