Saturday 16 July 2011

Parnormal Movie: Charlie St. Cloud

Ok so I know I am late on this one. I resisted my sisters attempts to get me to watch this movie for months, especially when I learned it was a disney movie kid in there I was like "hell no, I'm not watching any High School Musical kid". OMG was I an idiot. I freely admit it. This movie was freaking awesome!!!

So just in case you were like me and living under a rock here is a preview:
At first I was like "pssfft that looks corny" Until you actually watch it and realize it's pretty freaking awesome!! Wait I said that already. Well if you haven't figured it out (no spoilers) after hte accident that kils his brother, Charlie St. Cloud goes into a tail spin and stays there.  As the movie progresses you realize that he is a medium and this gift of his, that he gained from dying then coming back, makes him into a complicated man.   Only he can see the ghosts that visit the graveyard, and to everyone in his small town he's gone from being someone with a great bright sailing future, to a creepy kid who talks to himself.  As the movie progresses you see Charlie change and grow and finally become Charlie again. I had only one pet peeve, Charlie's friend who went to the military and came back was wearing a Marine outfit that was like two sizes too big, especially his hat, although I did recognize him as the spoiled kid from the new class of Scrubs doctors (love him there too)

I loved how his choice  to hang onto the memory of his brother, kept them both in a small world, spinning their wheels, and as his world expanded he learned, to let go. How many people do we know who hang on well past the time of letting go??

I enjoyed this movie immensely. Yes, it's not an Oscar performance, or a groundbreaking movie, but it was a feel good movie with a little lesson thrown in. If your looking for that one family night, or even just are bored one night or if you have a chance check it out, it's now on dvd, and you can rent it from redbox for a dollar.
Be Blessed

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