Tuesday 5 July 2011

Book Review

"My heroes have always killed cowboys"

Book Title: Angel and the Outlaw
Author: Madeline Baker
Description: "Outlaw JT Cutter, was hanged for the crime of being a horse thief, what he didn't count on was the intervention of Gideon, who gave him a pass of one year in which to redeem himself.  Brandy was celebrating Wild West Days in her town, where the re-enactment of JT cutter's last days took place, little did she know her fate and JT's were about to become intermingled"

My take on the book:
This is actually a pretty good story, the plot is well written, the idea completely fleshed out, and the characters much like real people.  I personally loved the fact that the female lead was strong without being obstinate, and that there were redeemable qualities within the male lead.  The concept of redemption, and being given a chance to make up for your life, was really beautifully written. The journey of discovery that both characters go on shows the human spirit's capacity for growth and true understanding.  I enjoyed how JT changed and learned that his past didn't have to determine his future, and how finding a place where you fit and could call home made a difference in his perception of self and his confidence.

The description and research into Native culture,and traditions is shown throughout the book, the author took her time in making sure to have her facts straight, nothing worse than reading a book and realizing the author does not have a clue what they are talking about, not only is it annoying it's distracting from the story.

I have had this book for sometime and decided to re-read it after I inventoried my entire book collection recently. I was not disappointed, I loved the story before and I still love it now.

If your a fan of romantic wild west stories, this is one of the books for you. You may have more luck at the local library than the bookstore.

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