Monday 19 December 2011

21 Days of Yoga Challenge

Well it’s another year, another winter challenge. I will be doing the yoga challenge again this year, using Gaiam Yoga on hulu, as well as a yoga video I have called Shiva Rea's Radiant Heart Yoga.   I will also be using the yoga sequence from last year’s challenge.  Here is how the last three days have gone so far:

Day 1 ” Crap crap I signed up for that challenge… why do I keep doing this crap to myself….. oh look the day is done ..oh well there’s always tomorrow

Day 2 Jesus H Christ why do I do this crap to myself, fine fine I will do the yoga but Im going to do the beginner class it won’t be so hard…oh Gods Oh Gods..this isn’t beginner this isn’t beginner. OMG …

Day 3 Ok Rodney Yee I can do whatever you throw at me I’ve been doing this for year….. Sweet Goddess do these people think I'm made of rubber bands…..legs should not go like this… oh my Gods..

Man who knew your hips did so much for your body?? I actually enjoyed this mornings class, it hurt so sweetly and I ended up feeling so limber and loose afterwards.

I’m so out of shape and really need to get back to regular practice so. it’s yoga for 28 days then pilates for 21 , then boot camp!!
See you in four days when I do the weekly recap!!
Be Blessed


  1. This makes me laugh! I want to get back to attempting yoga but fear doing a challenge.

  2. @Sophiadawn Thank You, yeah, challenges are the only way to get back into it. Good luck if you do try one!!


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