Saturday 10 December 2011

Christmas Spirit Post 5

I was watching my Yule movies and Hulu recommended the movie Homeless for the Holidays...  I resisted watching the movie because I have never seen the show or even heard about it before, once i ran through all the shows i normally watch and the ones i was looking forward to weren't on yet. 

With nothing left to watch  I decided that I would watch this; if you can overlook the low budget of the movie, and it's clearly created for the Christian family & the acting is sub par at best, beneath it all is an actually good Christmas movie.
I mean what parent wouldn't be happy their child isn't hooked on the idiot tube and Internet gaming sites, the 'father' kept asking his kids why they were reading or not watching t.v.   I'm wondering if maybe it was produced by the church that they frequent in the show, as that's one of the few places they can actually show in full view.

Synopsis: "A smug executive enjoys the perfect life - until he loses his job, and finds himself working at a burger joint. Now he's falling behind on his bills, and if something doesn't change soon, his family could lose everything by Christmas."

Now personally this movie was really great at pointing out how even as the ship goes down so many of us are unwilling to jump off, but stick to our 'plans' and 'goals' even though they aren't working out. I'm not sure if the main character never read a book on job hunting or if he really was that naive, but if someone is head hunting you and you lose your job, even if it means moving to Alaska, you do what you have to do for your family, especially if you have children. 

You don't hang on to your pride; you certainly don't shoot down the perfect opportunity to stay ahead of the wolves, simply because when you made your life plan you did it with the goal of living in one place forever, jobs in this economy don't coming knocking everyday.  I loved how the wife flipped out on him and made him get his head on straight because he needed to provide for them, it was however archaic that she didn't go looking for a job as well.  

The movie's strong point was faith in the Christian God, and the Spirit of Christmas; it however wasn't the only point.  Now I personally took to the moving on and finding a new dream, especially because it seemed as if the Gods where pushing him and boy did he resist.  Sounds like a lot of people I know (especially me)

Take the movie as it is and you will enjoy it.  

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