Sunday 11 December 2011

21 Days of Yule Day 11: Sacred Pampering Ritual

Welcome to the Yule Edition of the Sacred Pampering rituals. (Yes I know I have missed a few Sundays, but why not catch up now during the crazy, hectic busy season). 

Last year I posted a wonderful Bliss Spell. I enjoy using that during times of high stress and think you can use it as is, or change it to suit your needs, you could add in the name of a Deity of your choice if you think it will help it work better. 
Whenever I have a pretty bad day i use the following:
Soothing Eye Compresses:
Muslin, scissors, dried chamomile flowers, ribbon.


  • cut muslin into 6 in squares per compress
  • place two teaspoons dried chamomile flowers in the centre of each square
  • tie the muslin bundles with ribbon

How to use:

  • Cover compress with hot water 
  • refrigerate until cold,
  •  Squeeze excess moisture from bags,
  • then place on closed eyes for 20 minutes

Here is a way I have learnt to make this Season a little less of a humdinger on myself, granted I don't have children to deal with but this season is still particularly stressful as a student, a daughter, a partner, and an empath.  This is how I deal, I write it all down, then it won't be floating around in my head and I know I have some direction for what needs to be done, here a few tips and tricks from my book:

  • Try today to make a list of all the things that need to be done to pertain to the Yule Season, and look at the list, make a priority list of things that MUST be done in the next 38-72 hours, that can only be accomplished by You. Think hard and long about this because those items should be done first. Make this list no more than 6 items so that you can really knock it out without stressing out.  Once you clear those off the list you can keep going until the list is done.
  • Along with that list of priority items make a list of menial tasks that aren't too complicated and don't require your constant supervision and pass those on to your children (if your blessed with them); your spouse/partner-in-crime or whom ever is hosting the season with you.  
  • Don't attempt to do everything at once, I always get the menu done around this time so I can shop over the next few weeks for the items that way it doesn't hit the wallet as hard (especially in these lean times). I have also gotten into the habit of asking family members who are coming to do a dish so that it doesn't all fall on Me, my Mom, and My sisters to do all the cooking.
  • Once your menu is set and you know what's needed see if there are items you can season now and freeze, make now and freeze or even just store them together in one spot so you don't go searching all over for it.  A traditional Jamaican rum cake soaks the fruit for weeks before so I have to start that around my birthday if you want a REALLY good cake. SO planning ahead is KEY.
  • if your hosting several people why not make it a buffet instead of a sit down, so there isn't any real stress about where to place everyone, or you can do what we do which is in waves, the children eat a little earlier than the adults and end up in the family room watching tv by time the adults sit down, which means we have almost no need to watch what we say cause there are no kids int he dining room and the parents get to relax without children whinging that they are hungry.
  • Take frequent breaks and hydrate often, if the holidays are starting to grate on your nerves, take a break and do something non-holiday oriented, read a magazine, watch a favourite film, throw on some good music that you love, hide in the bathroom for a few minutes, just take a break so your mentally healthy otherwise you'll snap and freak out on the wrong person, like the partner's boss or his boss's wife (ask me how I know)
  • PAMPER YOURSELF DAILY, whether it's the Bliss Spell, the Mid Winter Directional Meditation, a five minute juice break, or using on of the cold compresses mentioned above make sure to take time for you so this season is a great one and not just another stressful time.
Wishing you a wonderful Yuletide Season filled with lots of love, and Blessings and less stress

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