Sunday 4 December 2011

Wandering About the Shops....

It's all about Handmade Yule
Last Year there was a Homemade Yule Challenge, where everyone pledged to make as many of their gifts as possible. This year it seems everyone wishes to support small businesses. I myself  love doing so.  I thought I would share with you a few friends who have great businesses for those on your list, in your covens, or even your own needs.
Some of these are pagan, some are not, but they are all small business owners and we should support them as much as we can:
The first one up is Kristeen, my close friend who makes amazing body products, she recently branched out and made some awesome decorations that are pagan themed. I thought those should be on someones tree  I'm buying some as well. She has several different themed ones, but I love the purple ones the most.
I'm a jewelry fanatic, and the ones from this company, owned and created by Nubia  are amazing. I love them and love knowing I'm supporting a small business as well, she too recently branched out and started adding  vintage and  interesting items.  Like the 'genie' lamp from India. 
My other fave friend is Candace, who i follow on blogger as well, she makes the most amazing smelling body butters, and shares so much of herself in her products you just know they are made with your best interest in mind. Check her out here at RedSunFlower Designs

Need Crystals or gems?? You must check out Hibiscus Moon's shop on etsy, she does an amazing job and willingly shares her knowledge as well. She has crystal grids, classes, and some free youtube videos as well. Check her out!!
How about a reading? Perhaps some Hoodoo Oils? Why not check out Den? at her etsy shop. 
this is from her Spirit Guide reading, she is amazing!!
So those are my recommendations for this Season if I find more I will share. Thanks and Be Blessed
Happy Solstice


  1. Thanks so much for posting all the wonderful handmades your friends have to offer. I need to start shopping and will hit it today. And btw I love your festive holiday decoration on your blog. :)

  2. @Tamara Thank You, I hope you have fun shopping!! Support as many small businesses as possible


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