Friday 27 April 2012

Follow Up & Follow Friday:

Welcome to this week's Feature and Follow Friday. This will be my sharing of the blogs, Youtube channels and websites I love.

I'm a big cooking fanatic, sometimes I have a yen for watching good food videos from 'experts' which not all of them are, but they love their food and love to share.  Here are two of my favorite Youtube cooks:
Here is Blog. As Chef John makes each video he puts detailed instructions on his blog and shares all the ingredients. I LOVE this website and it just makes me wish I was a better cook, which he makes seem so much easier.

Did I mention I was a big foodie?? NO?? What my recipes every Wednesday didn't tell you?? Ok I'll stop now. I am a huge foodie, there's nothing I love more than trying a new recipe, learning a new technique; Well for the many foodies who are of the pagan persuasion there is a website that focuses on information and recipes for each of the many holidays that we love to celebrate, Check out the Pagan Foodie Blog, which shares recipes, and links to many other awesome blogs or recipes,

This is a quick way for you to know just how well my Book Reading is going, Yes you can follow on the Reading Challenge pages but I figured a weekly recap is a good way for you to see some of the books & check them out for yourself. Each week will count from the Friday post until the next Thursday, that way anything read within that time frame will highlighted here.  I will link to Goodreads, as well as any pertinent sites for information on each book as well as my reviews if they are done.

What I have Read So Far:
1) Salvation in Death by JD Robb, review is pending, My thoughts on the book so far: I liked it, classic Dallas.
2) Awake by Jennifer Grey which was a kindle freebie. and OMG I'm in LOVE with thsi series, I can't wait for the next installment. Review is pending.
3) A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner, which was a wonderful book. Click for my review
4)Intuition by J Meyers which is a great little teaser for her novel Intangible which I am also reading * I just started this* Review is pending

What I'm currently Reading:
Well that's my week so far in books, I have had a wonderful week and I am wishing you the best of today. Of Course it's TGIF, so enjoy the links, and let me know how you book week has gone so far,

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