Saturday 28 April 2012

Stacking the Shelves (1)

This is a new meme started by Tynga, as her way of not doing IMMs. I also like this idea and will run with it. Check out her page on how to start. This is also a way to show off your book loot for the week with bloggie friends.  Well here goes nothing.

This week I only received two books, one as part of the 1st annual World Book Night, which I posted about here. From that even I received:
Inspired by her four grandparents (from four different countries), Krauss tells the story of a man who, 60 years ago in the Polish village where he was born, fell in love and wrote a book. And though he doesn't know it, that book survived, inspiring fabulous circumstances, even love.
I got for review this week:
Every mom has felt the need to be perfect.
MOMAHOLIC is one woman’s private, dramatic, and often comical invitation to peek inside a time in her life when everything fell apart, causing her to take an honest look at what she was doing right and what she’d been doing terribly wrong. With this discovery, her wacky family’s season of becoming unraveled found a new glue that would re-bond her family and unite them in a deeper and more functional way than ever before.

The real life characters: A MOM who is literally the head writer of a network soap opera … at work and at home; A HUSBAND who can’t help but scratch his head in frustration as his family’s troubles seem to spiral out of his control; an autistic SON; a popular DAUGHTER who is suddenly pregnant; an ADOPTED DAUGHTER pulled from the jungles of Vietnam; and an ADOPTED SON rescued from the streets of Ethiopia.

This is a story showing the speed with which a “normal” family can fall apart. With the family running around as the tornado sirens roared warnings to take cover, mom becomes the biggest mess of all and ends up finding a whole new freedom for her soul.
Check out my weekly recap here, Well that's my haul for this week. What did you get?? Share in the comment and I will swing on over.


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