Tuesday 29 January 2013

Pagan Book Review: Wiccan Wellness

Book Title: Wiccan Wellness
Author: Laura Perry
Publisher: New Page Books
Format: Paperback
Cost: $14.99
Pages: 218
How I got it: Purchased (years ago)
My Rating:★★★★☆
Erotica Rating: N/A
Shows how to maintain health through holistic healthcare methods, including: herbal remedies, exercise (such as yoga and Tai Chi), Reiki, homeopathy, massage, chiropratic, and other energy based techniques.

My Review:
When i was in college i worked in the school bookstore, one of my jobs was to order the books for the bestsellers sections, many times a month we got catalogs from publishing companies and they had so many good books to get. I always felt like rolling around in the boxes when they came it, much like a cat with a catnip toy; since I was really exploring my craft at the time, I of course went looking for and purchased so many different books as I could one of the good ones, one of the many I have hung on to through the years was this one. It's a good one, it was a 'new' concept book back then and kinda still is I haven't really seen any books that have dealt with the subject matter like this since.
"If I had known I was going to live this long, I would've taken better care of myself when i was younger" Eubie Blake
There are of course tons of books on the market about health, about 'alternative' medical practices, but when this first came out this was the first one to my knowledge that bundled them all with the focus on pagans.  I love this book, it covers everything from Wellness & wholeness, How to connect back to God & Goddess, finding out where you are at the moment & making a plan & path towards better health.  It also includes many different recommendations for further reading on each subject that is presented.

It was the first book I read that discussed Feng Shui, Ayurveda & how to make your house a home. There are so few books on the market geared towards pagans & I loved this book when I found it, & still find myself sometimes going back to it, looking up some information & some of the resources that it provides.  It's a great jumping off point for new practitioners & old ones as well.

I highly recommend this to everyone, Make sure to check it out, I'm sure you can still get it on Amazon for pretty cheap.  Happy Reading.
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