Sunday 6 January 2013

Sacred Pampering Ritual: Panty Raid

Every year at least twice a year I pull this on myself, especially at the new year. Why is this a pampering ritual?? Well let's see.. feeling comfortable and sexy even if your the only one who knows you have them on is so confidence boosting.  Even if no one else is going to see them and your partner is used to seeing you in those huge undies that would make your Grandmother proud, change is good.  And this goes for you too gentlemen, dirty, stained, yellowed or holy undies isn't sexy on anyone.

With the new year starting this is a good way to clean out those drawers, if you have to fight to get into it, or hope you don't flash anyone and be embarrassed it might be time to get rid of them. & No sir you can't donate them to the goodwill, throw them away!!!  Make it an event, throw on some fun music, get some wine/juice/drink of choice and lets get started. I always first look for ones that have seen better days: elastic is stretched, holes or bleached out, those usually go first. Then i look at what's left, do I wear them or have I worn them at all in the last year?? Did those "sexy" ones feel comfortable, were they fun, did I feel sexy wearing them?? Or did my partner not even notice them??  If the answer is no then those go too.  Continue on, trying on ones that you can't remember if they fit right, does that bra ride up, does it fit comfortably, am I constantly adjusting throughout the day?? Then it too must go.  Here's the thing though many of us tend not to think of this when we get dressed, with out families to think of and our jobs, and many obligations many women especially a few I know allow things to get pretty desperate before they purchase new ones.  One woman I know refuses to wear anything but comfortable 'granny ' panties because she's a wife and mother now she doesn't have to wear those things anymore. All I can say to here is do you, but um if you got into an accident would you be embarrassed by those underwear?? Then I think you need to replace them. Girdles have their place, but torn, discolored or threadbare drawers are attractive on no one and actually only help to make you feel like your not worthy.

I make my partner do the same as well, undershirts and tanks with holes, become cleaning cloths, socks that haven't found a match in months go in the trash, any of his underwear that has lost the war with age goes in the trash as well. Then once the drawers are clean, **and we have dressed, it's amazing what a little show can do for you as a couple, hey the laughs alone are worth it** we go shopping for some new ones, they don't all have to be expensive, you can get them from Target/Walmart & Victoria Secrets if that's what works for you. I usually shop around. I do however splurge on bras, I'm a big breasted woman and I'm not skimping on fit and comfort just to save a few pennies.  I usually hit up the Lane Bryant sale or hips & curves ( incidentally I learned about this company through an erotica book I was about that??)

Now that you have cleaned out the drawer, let replenish  finding comfy & sexy is easy in today's market, just make sure they fit right. If your tall go for ones that highlight that with a higher cut on the leg, have a extra pounds?? Make sure to get undies with good stretch in the waist and that are comfortable. Glamour magazine has an article about buying undies for your body type, google it and look at your type for underwear that fits & flatters, while being comfortable and sexy.  Here are a few of my favorite companies to shop from:

Undies: TJ Maxx/Marshalls, NY& Co, Hips & Curves, Fredricks of Hollywood
Bras: Lane Bryant, Hips & Curves
Negligees: Fredricks of Hollywood, Hips & Curves
Stockings: I personally love stocking because you can dress up a plain outfit with a good pair of fun/funky/sexy and suggestive stockings. My favorite brands are Donna Karen DKNY, Hanes, and a few from Hips and Curves.

Undies: Hanes/Fruit of the Loom, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss (whether it be boxers or briefs or boxer briefs, make sure they fit right and have a variety of colors along with basic black & white) Funny or funky ones can be purchased throughout the year at different department stores.

Undershirts: Hanes no tag, (because I steal these all the time), Fruit of the Loom, & of course any your partner prefers

Socks: department store brands like from target

Jeez men have a better shopping experience than women when it comes to undies. When your doing this raid make sure to look at your sleepwear too, make sure they are comfortable, fit well and if you had to run out the house quickly you wouldn't be embarrassed by their appearance. So no holes, stains, or seriously misshaped clothing if you need a map to find your body you should probably look into more comfortable and good nightclothes.   See the pattern?? Comfort & good fit are essential otherwise why have them??  Clean out any that are being worn, haven't been worn in a while and donate them if they aren't too far gone.

Once we have tried everything on and gone shopping I generally do a wash of all the underwear, new stuff together and then our regular stuff separate (just cause you never know what's on those new things, germophobia for the win). Now you start off the new year with fresh clean underwear and brand new stuff as well. Only purchase what you need, I have personally enough for two weeks before I have to wash, I also have three or four extras that are comfortable undies that don't really ever see the light of day, they are plain black cotton and I keep those around for that time of the month.  I also try to make the bras match-able to several different panties, which cuts down on how many you have to purchase.

Cleaning out the drawers, starting with fresh stuff, just feels amazing. and that confident bounce in your step from knowing your wearing something fun/funky/sexy not just plain practical yeah that's awesome too.

Have fun pulling your raid!!
Happy Pampering Day

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