Saturday 16 January 2010

First Granny Square

I am so excited, i tried to do my first granny square and OhMigosh it came out amazing. I'm in love with crocheting, my mom got me an amazing book for making table decorations and im going to try that out, but I'm still having trouble reading the instructions, knitting instructions are way easier to read. My square came out a little lopsided because i added in one extra stitch but hey its a great first try, I'm going to keep it and mark it in my knitting journal. 

For dinner today I made chicken pot pie, it came out great but next time I’ll use regular flour i tried to make it healthier with whole wheat flour crust, it just doesn't taste the same. but it came out really great considering. Some things you just cant substitute.

I made two dinners from the chicken i purchased on Wednesday and have left-over still, best 9.00 I ever spent for food.

Well back to my granny squares, I’m following the pattern from tjw1963 on she's pretty amazing and goes slow for newbies like me, she even has a blog on here too.

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