Thursday 14 January 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hey internet...

This is my first blog. I have never done this before. I'm looking forward to sharing with ya'll my journey.I'm in the process of losing weight to maintain a healthier lifestyle and this blog will (kinda) keep me accountable.

I love to create things and cook and explore new things & recipes so I will share what I learn with ya'll if you promise not to laugh at my failures. Sounds good? Excellent!!! 

Well today i had Moroccan Chicken and lentil stew for dinner and despite my families resistance while I was cooking it they actually enjoyed it (how do I know you ask) well they all had seconds!! What better compliment than that? 

I'll put up the pictures of dinner so you can see what it looked like:
Here is the lentil stew:
Here I have the Moroccan Chicken

This is a serving of the meal
this is my plate with Egyptian licorice tea. Yummmm
Well this is good for a first blog,  I like this. I'll share more later, like the recipe. As always my loves: dine well and Fly safe.

Blessed Be

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