Sunday 17 January 2010


So i have been trying out different patterns from online I think im going to make a sampler afghan of my crochet patterns i have enough yarn to try it out. & i suscribe to a ton of knitting blogs that also have crocheting so now i no longer have to be a coward about that section of the emails and newsletters cause i now know how to crochet ( no that im a pro already but this is pretty bloody easy).

Nothing too exciting tonite for dinner i will be having chicken with carrots, mushrooms & rice and peas. For tomorrows dinner i think i will make lentils again, i have a book on vegetarian cooking so i think ill try out some of their recipes and share 'em with ya'll if you dont mind.

i made pot roast last nite with rice and peas (jamiacan style) I'm trying to get a bunch of videos up on my youtube channel i have several series going on right now and i really need to stop prograstinating and get on with them, cause as soon as i have an idea i see someone else doing it as if because i dont move fast enough the idea gets passed on to someone else who would.

I had a really great convo with my younger sister yesterday,we hadnt really talked in years!! i mean really talked about feelings and all the things going on in our lives, we just normally talked about everything thing else and we had a huge fight over christmas and everything came out and since then we have been Okay, not like best friends (yet) but im working on it. My new years objectives ( im not calling them resolutions so that this year ill really stick with them) was to repair and embrace better relationships with my family and friends. So that's one being worked on about 15 more to go (uhhh, how do these things get so complicated?)

Well thats enough for now


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