Monday 12 April 2010

Quick Update

Hey Internet:

I have been having a little bit of difficulty getting what i wanted up on the header. Ugh!!! But on the other hand i have been having fun relearning all this stuff!!! i can't wait to fine tune this weblog the way i want it.

In other news i will be linking my Youtube channel here with videos having to do with my meals and resources and tips and tricks.

I have also figured out the schedule i wish to have for this and my youtube account. I will be posting two -three days a week , while linking my videos in here also, so that i will be updating both this and the YT channel at the same time. I know we all have lives and are busy so i want to set a schedule i know i can stick to so that im not feeling guilty about filming and but not posting.

In other news i have enjoyed the change in weather and have been going outside so much more now than before.. Here is a picture of my neighborhood trees begining to blooming into Spring.

Thanks for stopping by and reading

Have a blessed day
Love and Light Always

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