Tuesday 8 November 2011

Book Review:

Book Title: The Forest Lord
Author: Susan Krinard
Pages: 400 
How I got it: From my personal Library
Synopsis: To return to Tir-a-nog, Hern must conceive a half mortal child to help keep the Fae from dieing off. Centuries ago Hern made a pact with the humans near the ancient forest, the family doesn’t hunt in the forest and they will prosper, this plan has worked for generations, now someone has broken his vow, and Hern’s wrath will be felt”
My Review:
I have had this book in my collection several years, and just never got around to reading it. Can I tell you how upset I am that I waited this long?? This is a great read, i’m thinking Mrs or is it Miss Krinard is wither a Celtic Pagan or she has done some serious research int the myths of Herne.
I really wished to read this for the Welcoming the God event, but school intervened with plenty of projects, so I’m now learning to slide in the fun stuff during the robust studying sessions. 

Why I Love It: She obviously did her research because just about everything she shared is information of the Celtic traditions. which I greatly appreciated (nothing i hate more than to read a book and realize the 1) author has never been to the place they are describing 2) they are making assumptions about a culture, history or a people 3) they are relying on faulty or dated information and passing that shiggity on)
I love Herne (the real God) and the god Hern in the book, the character carries many of the similarities between the one I have met and the one in the book. Strong, proud, arrogant, ( I mean he is a God right?) Her description of the character in his true form and the known form of Herne the God evoke a sense of power (or perhaps I'm adding that sense since I associate those feeling with the God )
Mrs Krinard was excellent at the describing the history of the story without bogging it down the story with unnecessary information. the female lead Eden was an excellent character to read about and to hear from as some of the story was told from her point of view.
There are more books in the series called "The Fane" which I will look forward to reading.
I see this becoming one of my favorite reads, as I loved the ending. this was a great Faerie tale and like all Faerie tales it ended with a great twist.

Enjoy the Tales my loves

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