Thursday 24 November 2011

Why I hate when computers crash

because no matter how good a little witch backs up her computer the fail always takes place before the next back up which means any new pertinent photos, blog post, addresses, passwords, and projects gets erased before they could be saved.

I hate THAT, I had thousands of pictures that i had recently taken, of books, my old home, my move, two kids birthday parties, a shower for a new bride, a wedding, a receptions, preps for the hurricane irene and the damage, all gone. Everything I have including all my stuff which i set up for this blog all wiped, gone Nada, Zilch, music EVERYTHING, can I freaking say how much that shyt sucks donkey balls???

Yes I threw my English out the window on this little rant, but thems the breaks Le Sigh!!!


  1. If you kow someone who is good with computers - sometimes it is possible to save and extract the data you had not backed up. I know because my computer commits suicide on a regular base. (By now, I save everything on an external drive and make copies of important stuff.)

  2. unfortunately my computer was completely corrupted and the hard drive couldn't be recovered


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