Tuesday 1 November 2011

Welcome New Month

Hello my loves
Happy Witch's/Druid's/Celtic New Year!!
How was your Samhain?  How about Dio Del Los Muertos? Have fun these last few days? I know I most certainly did. It was a good time to end the year and begin anew.
My other favorite time of year is fast approaching and this month is just a great jumping off for the New Celtic Year, I reviewed all the plans made last year, and have implemented and updated a few, tossed aside a few more old habits and am so excited to journey on along this path.
In New England we got a freaky snow storm the day before Samhain, the snow didn't last long but it sure freaked everyone out, and caused quite a stir.
With having my own home now, I was able to make and burn loose incense for the first time. It was amazing!!
My ritual this year was a new one, taken from the Sabbats Almanac, with a few changes to make it my own, it was amazing to set up my ritual altar and not have to worry that my parents would come wondering in and see it and freak.
I must admit I was a little late with the decorations this year, as I needed to purchase new hooks and stuff to hang things up, I made fresh carpet cleaner, and cleaned my home from top to bottoms so that I could start the New Year on a good setting. This was one of the few times since I have been a witch that I was able to ritual without needing to rush home from the local witchy shop where they have Magic Mondays and hold open rituals.  Since I now live in the same basic area I don’t have to worry about explaining where I have been or what is that smell. LOl
It’s so freeing when you can do as you need without the fear of repercussions.  This Samhain was amazing because my time wasn't restricted and I revelled in the knowledge and the ritual and the music and lovely smelling incense which I will share with you later.
How was your Samhain and what things did you get rid of and what goals are you seeking for the new year??
This month is going to be chuck full of entertainment and knowledge, and quite a few more posts, I will also be setting up the 21 Days of Yule again this year and will have a better handle on how to handle the blog party aspect so if your interested, make sure to get your ideas all ready and set for December 1st!!
I will be cleaning up, updating, taking down a lot of stuff on the blog, so please be on the look out for those changes and pardon my dust while I do so. As you can see I will be joining in on the Yuletide feeling early, I will be in on the Christmas Spirit's Christmas blog party.
This is also my birthday month and I'm thinking of some fun stuff to do all month long and share with y'all. I have so many ideas, now if I could just chunk them all into this month without running out of time.
Today is 11/1/11 Did you make a wish??
Be Blessed and good luck


  1. Hi Aisha, just wanted to welcome you to the Christmas Spirit reading challenge. I hope you enjoy yourself with all the fun Christmas reading! Less than 24 hours to go!

  2. @Michelle Thank You and I can't wait to dive on in!!


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